If you hold bitcoin before the BitcoinSC hard fork, you can import those coins to BSC Core to claim BSC. There are two ways to accomplish this:

1. Import wallet and password from Bitcoin Core to BSC Core (copy wallet.dat file). This assumes you do not have existing BSC in the BSC wallet.

2. Import private keys from a Bitcoin wallet to BSC Core. This approach works with a new BSC wallet or one with existing BSC coins.

Import Wallet

The wallet.dat file holds data for operating the wallet, including private keys. Use File — Import wallet, or you can simply move…

As most people know, the mining difficulty for Bitcoin adjusts every 2,016 blocks, about two weeks. “Difficulty” is how difficult it is using Proof of Work to mine a block, and for Bitcoin (and most forks) difficulty is adjusted every 2,016 blocks.

The brilliant algorithm designed by Satoshi allowed difficulty to adjust over 13 orders of magnitude (so far), for example:

You have questions, we have answers.

Q: What is the motivation of BSC?

A: Bitcoin is by far the cryptocurrency that has the highest market value, the largest number of users, and is the most influential crypto. However, Bitcoin’s scripts aren’t Turing complete and cannot support the application of complex logic. Smart contracts cannot be implemented on the Bitcoin system. BSC integrates the functions of smart contracts for the Bitcoin system, giving developers the ability to build decentralized applications on Bitcoin. …

Written by Steven M.

To help understand the upcoming Bitcoin SC hard fork, this article will compare the hard forks for Bitcoin Cash (ABC) and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, review the technical approach and parameters for these forks, and compare with Bitcoin SC’s approach.

Intro to Hard Forks

Blockchain hard forks happen when protocol or consensus rules are updated in node software to produce blocks and transactions that are not compatible with non-updated versions of nodes. This is generally described as the software not being “backward compatible” which is a bit of a misnomer, since the new version nodes are compatible with older blocks and…

Author: Hiro Midas


Bitcoin is by far the most successful cryptocurrency. After ten years of development, the concept of Bitcoin as a community currency has gained widespread acceptance. With the participation of more and more miners, exchanges, developers, and ordinary users, the network effect of Bitcoin is strong and growing. According to the latest data from CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin Dominance accounts for 65.4% of the total market value of cryptocurrency, which is unmatched by any other blockchain project.

However, this huge network effect has not spawned more valuable applications on the Bitcoin network. This is mainly due to the non-Turing complete…

BitcoinSC (BSC) is a great improvement to the Bitcoin protocol. It integrates the functionality of Smart Contracts into the Bitcoin protocol, giving developers the ability to build decentralized applications on Bitcoin. It would bring about a new Hard Fork, on which Bitcoin holders can use their existing funds directly. BSC will combine the unlimited creative space of Smart Contracts and the vast network effect of Bitcoin, which will be a very meaningful combination and exploration.

Here is BSC’s whitepaper: https://docs.bsc.net/en/bsc_en.pdf


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