Miner One becomes Bitcoinus partner

Apr 16, 2018 · 1 min read

Last week we gave an announcement that Bitcoinus have signed a partnership agreement with crowdfunded crypto mining company Miner One.

Our friends at Miner One are building what is expected to be the world’s most profitable crypto mining operation.

The Miner One model is simple and profit-oriented:

1. Hire a world-class team of industry professionals

2. Secure the ideal location

3. Crowdfund the world’s most efficient & profitable mining operation

4. Reinvest into constant upgrades

5. Share the profits

We will be integrating Miner One’s MIO Token into our crypto payment platform, making MIO among the very first tokens available for e-commerce transactions once they are activated at the end of the Miner One ICO — currently in progress.

Bitcoinus is looking forward to successful cooperation with Miner One in order to add more features and value to its users and token holders!

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