Hello BitCore FAM!

The day has come where we want to introduce you to our new 🐰 PancakeSwap Pool and our entry into the DeFi world 👈🏻

BitCore BTX introduces its first BEP-20 token:
Swapped BitCore sBTX, based on the Binance Smart Chain BSC network. The game has started right now ! Take your baseball bats to start hitting some homeruns.

We know you’ll have a lot of questions, we invite you to take a tour of our initial docs on our Litebook.

Litebook 📔
Swapped 😶
BitCore 😎

Blockchain technology was born as an experiment to decentralize the monetary system, as a new way to make digital financial transactions from person to person, securely and privately, but now it is about to transform everything. And according to experts, the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, its financial application, is a matter of time.

BitCore BTX is one of the best options, not only for its high performance, but also for its breadth of features.

In BitCore we believe that, YES, we believe in you!



The best of PoW and Masternodes, welcome to our NEW Medium Channel …and we are Bitcoreans!