You can now easily trade cards just like Spells of Genesis!

Web App:

Book of Orbs

Book of Orbs is a popular Android and Web App that can be used to manage your digital collection across most Counterparty collectible projects, like Spells of Genesis, Rare Pepe, Force of Will, Memorychain, and now… BITCORN CROPS!

The Yang to DRYASABONE’s Yin. 🙏 CORNPRAYER is here!

2x Multiplier on Bitcorn Harvest (for purposes of coop ranks)


In late April, DRYASABONE was announced and airdropped to 222 farms. The effect DRYASABONE had in the Bitcorn Crops game was a new one, farmers playing cooperatively could now “attack” other coops. (P.S. let’s you go granjero-a-granjero, check it out!)

On this episode of Crop Talk, Worm and freedude talk shop. How should the game be played, if you want to WIN. Find out here.

Crop Talk

Crop Talk is a multidimensional tokenized podcast. Worm and freedude cover many topics. And this week’s topic, in their own words…

“Early Saturday morning episode discussing the different farming strategies of Wheeler, Goat, and Aztek on the quest to harvest the most corn by 2022.”

But is this just a MafiaWars disinformation campaign? Are the boys in bed with the Russian mob? Who will ask these hard questions???

As Bitcorn Tradition dictates, on October 2nd in our Telegram chat, our fifth Bitcorn Auction popped off to celebrate another bountiful harvest!

Why A Bitcorn Auction?

A Bitcorn Harvest is only truly complete when the ritualistic Bitcorn Auction is performed. It is known. We have auctions every harvest, with or two additional in between harvests, this is our fifth. See: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

What Was On Auction?

This auction was stacked with new card releases, Wheeler’s Billboard, and a record setting 15 auction lots, as the Foundation board sought to go out on a high note by delivering the most epic auction to date.

MAGNECORN (1 of 21)

A tasty Bitcorn…

Before the election is over, the boys have on Bench to ask him about his vision for Bitcorn Crops. Did they collude with Russians here? You be the judge.

Crop Talk

If the can avoid censure from Robert Mueller, freedude and Worm will be truly free to be two dudes talking Bitcorn on Soundcloud radio.

This week on Crop Talk, Michael Tidwell aka Lil Segwit gets the third degree from the podcast hosts. The big question… “Do you even CROPS, bros?”

Crop Talk

Crop Talk is a talky-talk show where Worm and freedude hem and haw over the length and width of an ideal piece of bitcorn. No dimension goes unmeasured. That’s their community promise!

The boys are at it again talking Crops and shitting Bitcorn this week with “The Cornfather.” Listen to it now on Soundcloud.

Crop Talk

Crop Talk is a community created podcast hosted by freedude and Worm, active members of the Bitcorn community and long standing farmer advocates. They speak their mind and farm their crops. Moist!

It’s that time again… We had another thrilling auction event in our Telegram on September 9th. Here are the results:

Why A Bitcorn Auction?

If you’re new here, we have auctions every harvest and once or twice in between harvests, this is our fourth. See: 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

What Was On Auction?

On auction were twelve Bitcorn cards lots, including some very rare first-editions and legendary physical rares. This auction set new records both in terms of total bitcorn bid and the highest bid on a single lot!

THEKERNEL (10 of 100)

A 10% stake in THEKERNEL. Very commercially viable meme.

Worm and freedude, both prolific farmers in their own right, have teamed up to create Crop Talk. The most iconic podcast in the game.

Crop Talk: Episode 1

They said it wasn’t possible, and yet… it’s happened.

This week on Bitsesh, Dan of Bitcorn Crops and Mike of Bitcorn Battle talk about the Bitcorn game. It’s on Soundcloud now!

Discussing with mightbemike his game Bitcorn Battle, EOS vs Ethereum, Counterparty CIPs, and more…


Agrarian Futarchy

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