Bitcorn Cards Added to Book of Orbs

You can now easily trade cards just like Spells of Genesis!

Nov 15, 2018 · 2 min read

Book of Orbs

Book of Orbs is a popular Android and Web App that can be used to manage your digital collection across most Counterparty collectible projects, like Spells of Genesis, Rare Pepe, Force of Will, Memorychain, and now… BITCORN CROPS!

You can easily discover exciting and desirable cards and place buy and sell orders by clicking “Market” inside the app. It’s one of the better interfaces out there for trading collectible cards on Counterparty.

How it Works

Book of Orbs is like any Counterparty-enabled wallet, but integrated into it are the cryptocollectibles from games and art projects that have trailblazed the concept on Bitcoin’s blockchain, well before Ethereum and NFTs.

If you are using an Android phone, just visit the Google Play store. For iPhone and Desktop users, there is a Web App version. Select “Bitcorn Crops” from the dropdown and from there you can explore the existing cards and trade.

Import Wallet

If you would like to start using Book of Orbs, but already have created a wallet with Counterwallet or Free Wallet, if you click “Sign Up” in the top right of the Web App, you will eventually reach the above screen which will allow you to import your existing collection!

Join the Bitcorn Crops chat room and/or the Book of Orbs chat room for support and questions you may have about using BoO. You’re sure to get the help you need from either communities!

We’d like to thank the team behind Book of Orbs for adding our game’s assets and we love the interoperability that Counterparty gives developers. Check out more from their team here: Spells of Genesis, IndieSquare Wallet, Book of Orbs.

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