⚖️ 📣❗️🔥🔥Announcement🔥🔥❗️📣⚖️
BDT Ecosystem backed by Gold and other precious metals— We’re launching our Bitdepositary Blockchain Solution on the 30th of November and we expect the first precious metals delivery Q1 2019!🔒

BDT Coin backed by Gold! Where can we deliver gold? So far we can deliver to 82 countries and our network will be expanded until the first delivery

Why ❓
With this step to to back Coin in our BDT Ecosystem with precious metals , we give all our BDT coin holders a very high level of added security. 🚀🚀 💯

Moving forward… ⚡️

30th of November 2018 — Launch Bitdepositary Chain and the BDT Coin Wallets

Q4 2018 — Q1 2019
- Launch BitdepositaryEX (Exchange)
- Mobile App Wallets
- The first precious metals Delivery
- Closing of formation Bitdepositary E-Money License

Q2 2019
- Start Bitdepositary Invesment Platform and Delivery of Credit Cards

The token swap (so conversion) from the BDT Token to the BDT Coin will take place over the next 6 months and will be announced by us in the next week. This gives our token holders sufficient time to make the transition and the conversion. 
The Token — Coin ratio is 6:1. 
Therefore, 6 BDT tokens = 1 BDT coin. 
The circulating supply will ad here to the 6:1 ratio, therefore the existing approx. 600mil BDT tokens will become 100mil BDT coins. 💫

ℹ️Technical Details in the BDT Blockchain:
- [ ] PoS 
- [ ] X13 Algorithm
- [ ] PoS Rewards 
 1 year = 12% per year 
 2–4 years = 10% per year
 5–7 years = 8% per year
 8th year onwards = 6% per Year
- [ ] BDT Coin Tumbler

More information will follow over the coming weeks.✨

👆🏼Remember ⚖️ 100 BDT Coins = 600 BDT Token ⚖️

You can continue to purchase the BDT token and benefit from Gold backing and the new Blockchain.

Additionally, we’ll be launching the BDT Exchange next year, remember to #whitelist. https://exchange.bitdepositary.io/

After the launch of the Blockchain you will also find new Exchange listings from the BDT Coin!

Thank you for your continuous support!🤝🔥