BDT Blockchain is LIVE!

⚖️ 📣❗️🔥🔥Announcement🔥🔥❗️📣⚖️ — Design Update until the 07th of December

BDT Ecosystem backed by Gold — The BDTChain is already online and we expect the first precious metals delivery in quarter 1 2019!🔒

Why ❓

We decided instead of using the Ethereum blockchain which is undergoing changes, that could impact our token evolution, to actually accelerate and release our own BDT Blockchain Solution. Our BDT Coin give all our BDT coin holders a very high level of added security. 🚀🚀 💯

Moving forward… ⚡️

The Token Swap:

The token swap (so conversion) from the BDT Token to the BDT Coin will take place over the next 6 months and start next week.

The BDT Token — BDT Coin ratio is 6:1.

Therefore, 6 BDT tokens = 1 BDT coin.

The circulating supply will adhere to the 6:1 ratio, therefore the existing approx. 600mil BDT tokens will become 100mil BDT coins.

03th and 04th December 2018 — Layout Update Blockchain Explorer

NEXT WEEK — Start BDT Token Swap

04th to 15th December 2018 — Go Live Mac decentralised Wallet

You can still purchase the BDT token and benefit from the conversion and the new blockchain.

👆🏼Remember ⚖️ 100 BDT Coins = 600 BDT Token ⚖️

ℹ️Technical Details in the BDT Blockchain:

- [ ] PoS

- [ ] X13 Algorithm

- [ ] PoS Rewards

1 year = 12% per year

2–4 years = 10% per year

5–7 years = 8% per year

8th year onwards = 6% per Year

- [ ] BDT Coin Tumbler

Linux Wallet:

Windows Wallet:

BDT Blockchain Explorer (Layout will be updated the next two days):


What do you think? We have received an offer from each of these exchanges to list our BDT Coin.

- BitMart?

- BitForex?

- Exrates?


- Mercatox?

Thank you Bitdepositary Community for your Votes on LBank!

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Thank you for your continuous support!🤝🔥