BDT Coin SWAP — PoS to PoA — Swap Ends at 29th May 2019 8am GMT+2

Apr 30 · 2 min read

How do I start the swap?

  1. Download your BDT Coin Desktop Wallet (PoA)

Desktop Wallets:




2. Register here

Insert your E-Mail Address and Your new BDT Coin Address from your new on Point 1 downloaded Wallet “NOT YOUR OLD BDT COIN ADDRESS”

3. You get an E-Mail from

4. Please check if the BDT Coin address in the email is your registered new BDT Coin address

5. Transfer your old BDT Coins to the unique BDT Coin Address (BDT Coin PoS) in your E-Mail which you got

6. You will receive your swapped BDT Coins (PoA) within the next 48hours after receiving your Coins with us!


If you send wrong tokens / coins or use an incorrect address, we assume no liability. Please make only one deposit per address, as duplicate deposits can not be processed. The swap portal will be open for the next 30 days. The BDT Mobile App Swap will be done automatically before we start with the trading on the first exchange.



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