Bitdepositary MoonBot — Update 1

  1. What is the MoonBot?

The MoonBot is a Trading Bot which we have been testing personally for almost a year and in the recent months we have increased the volume to see if we can use this trading bot even with large volumes!

The MoonBot or Bitdepositary will never hold your Exchange Trading Funds! Your personal MoonBot Account will be connected directly into your personal Exchange account via Api!

The Result: YES WE CAN!

2. Whats the daily average profit from the MoonBot until now? “Thats the Profit in a Bear Market!” *

0.75469483259 %*

3. How can i use the MoonBot?

You can use the MoonBot in our future Webportal which is only prepared for the MoonBot.

5. What does the MoonBot cost?

We require a one time fee in the high of 799$ and monthly license fee in the high of 25$ which is completely affordable only with BDT Coins!

Every prospective customer gets a week of testing for free!

6. Can I earn money through referrals?

Yes, you can recommend the MoonBot to friends or acquaintances and you will receive commissions for it, but you need to be a active MoonBot Owner!

Build a network of MoonBot Users and earn Rewards:

One Time Rewards for every new MoonBot User in your MoonLine!

The first MoonLine get 200$ in BDT Coins!

The second MoonLine 120$ in BDT Coins!

The third MoonLine 80$ in BDT Coins!

The fourth MoonLine 40$ in BDT Coins!

The fifth MoonLine 10$ in BDT Coins!

Monthly Rewards for active Mooner in your MoonLine!

  • Advise directly 10 active Mooner and live your life! — 200 $ in BDT Coins monthly reward!
  • Advise directly 50 active Mooner and regulate your life! — 900 $ in BDT Coins with monthly rewards!
  • Advise directly 100 active Mooner and be your life! — 2,000 $ in BDT Coins with monthly rewards!
  • Advise directly 250 active Mooner and EARN! — 5,500 $ in BDT Coins with monthly rewards!

When will you become a Mooner?

A Mooner will be a Person with an active MoonBot and two direct invited active Mooner!

*We can legally not promise any profit from our MoonBot but you will see it live on your own account, that our MoonBot works well!

Detailed information and a start date from the platform will follow shortly.

The numbers are not final and can still be changed until the start!

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