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About Bitdepositary: Bitdepositary is the first and biggest new generation Q-ratio Market ICO Founding Community with integrated payment solutions to make your ICO investments more secure! We serve as the mediator & payment platform for project managers and a large community of investors.

The Bitdepositary mission is to eliminate scam ICOs and guide less experienced investors to make the right ICO Investment decisions. Its Salesforce integrated Blockchain platform allows users to vote for projects they believe in.

How do we secure your investments?
  • Before any project is presented and subjected to the Bitdepositary voting structure, its team is requested to present the project to us personally, for direct pre-evaluation.
  • Importantly, individual opinions in our community are weighted so that a yes or no vote for any project is accorded influence relative to the user or specialist’s investment experience and voting history. The database is continually updated so this weighting always reflects the current standing of its users.
  • Why do we do this? Consider two users, User A is a successful and verified investment broker and User B an individual with no investment or ICO experience. Whom would you prioritize when taking advice about potential investments?
  • You would obviously be more interested to consider the advice of User A, the successful and reputationally verified investment broker.
  • With Bitdepositary the role of this investment broker is assumed by TeamBit* and the Community itself. This is a crucial part of how Bitdepositary minimizes its users exposure to scams.

Before each vote Salesforce evaluates the available database on users and specialists in the following ways to generate a point score:

Examples of questions used to determine the weighting for Specialists**:

Specialists (100 Points are possible for each Specialist):

  1. How many ICOs rated positively by the specialist have reached their Softcapt? 10 points available
  2. How many ICOs rated positively have obtained their Hardcap? 15 points available
  3. How much money does the specialist invest in projects before they go live? 10 points available
  4. How much profit the Specialist would have made had all the positively rated ICOs been invested in (with investment calculated at $1.000)? 10 points available
  5. A ranking of the specialists in terms of their live return. 10 points available.

This last calculation determines the % profit our total projects have made since the specialist began to contribute, and how high this difference is relative to his returns. 100% = our total return on the BDT Platform in the time since the user is registered in.

Examples of questions used to determine weighting for Users**:

Users (100 Points are possible for each User):

1. How many projects pre-invested in by the user have subsequently reached the Softcap in an ICO? 5 Points available

2. How many projects pre-invested in by the user have subsequently reached the Hardcap in an ICO? 10 Points available

3. How much return has the user made since investing in projects on the Bitdepositary Platform? 30 Points available

4. How many users follow me and my recommendations? 10 points available

A user is able to follow other users and invest on the basis of that user’s investments and recommendations. If a user gets ‘unlocked’ other users are thereafter able to see that user’s account and investments / recommendations, and have the option to follow the user’s activity. This means, for example, that as soon as that user makes an investment any followers receive an alert and so are able to consider the investment and, if interested, invest at the click of a button. Depending on how many users follow the User’s recommendations the more points are awarded.

5. Do I follow a user and invest / vote like him? 10 Points available

If I make my decision based on following someone who has many followers, then I get more points. This is done via the alert email. If the following user only votes and does not invest, only half the points are awarded.

How the Voting Process Works

Salesforce calculates points from the registered Users Database.

Salesforce and the Wallet: The wallet is of course part of a decentralized system but if a user wishes to invest he will need to register his wallet with Salesforce. This allows the platform to track addresses for the point score calculation. Users do not share their private key at any time. As part of the Bitdepositary ecosystem investment is only possible via the user’s Multi Wallet or from the Bitdepositary App. This applies to Users, Advisors and Specialists alike.

Bitdepositary specialists are not corruptible:

Bitdepositary recieves 5% Commission for each project and awards 1% to our Specialist. The points system is a security and integrity feature that guards this process, by rewarding right and successful behaviour. Example: From 10 ICOs, 5 are successful and 5 are not successful. This brings the advisors no money; if 6 are successful and 4 not successful the award is the commission percentage for the 1 ICO. Awards are distributed by blocks of 5 ICOs.

** The examples given in the following two sections are taken from a catalogue of criteria. This full catalogue has not been disclosed in this document to protect intellectuial property.

Tobias Graf CEO & Founder of Bitdepositary


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