BitdepositaryChain & BDT Coin Wallet

Start into the Future with the BitdepositaryChain (Blockchain)

Why ❓
Because the Development was consistent and fast. We decided instead of using the Ethereum blockchain which is undergoing changes, that could impact our token evolution, to actually accelerate and release our own Blockchain Solution.

BDTScan — will be available in the next two weeks

Technical Details in the BDT Blockchain:
- [ ] PoS 
- [ ] X13 Algorithm
- [ ] PoS Rewards 
 1 year = 12% per year 
 2–4 years = 10% per year
 5–7 years = 8% per year
 8th year onwards = 6% per Year
- [ ] BDT Dark Send Function

BDTScan — Account Address view

The token swap (so conversion) from the BDT Token to the BDT Coin will take place over the next 6 months and will be announced by us. This gives our token holders sufficient time to make the transition and the conversion. 
The Token — Coin ratio is 6:1. 
Therefore, 6 BDT tokens = 1 BDT coin. 
The circulating supply will adhere to the 6:1 ratio, therefore the existing approx. 600mil BDT tokens will become 100mil BDT coins.

Send BDT Coin — Dark send Function available
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Launch your own ICO on the BitdepositaryChain — Sidechain with an integrated Voting Process
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In the next 2 weeks, we will provide you with the updated wallets which will be completely decentralised for your BDT Coin.

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