How can i buy Gold with the BDT Coin?

Why is that such a big step for Bitdepositary?
With the start of the sale from our Kruger Coin, you can buy REAL GOLD with our BDT Coins! You can exchange on our Platform in the future the Kruger Coin into REAL GOLD!

With how many coins or tokens on the Market can you buy real gold?
With Bitcoin and Ethereum of course, but i think if all works well maybe with the top 25 on CMC because you need enough liquidity behind the Coin or Token! We use our ICO Funds and the BDT Coin to create this liquidity!

Why is BDT Coin Shopping now Smart?
I remember: The Average ICO Price was between 0.30 $ and 0.35 $ for one BDT Coin.

How many BDT Coins does a Kruger Coin cost me?
With a sample Price from 0.30 $ for one BDT Coin and a Gold Price in the high of 43.51 $ for one Gram of Gold, cost one Kruger Coin 145.03333 BDT Coins!

Sample Calculation: 43.51 $ / BDT Coin Price 0.30 $ = 145.03333 BDT Coins for one Kruger Coin!

Whats the Price from a Kruger Coin?
1 Kruger Coin = 1 Gram of Gold based on the London Fixing Price

Price 24th February 2019 = 1 Gram of Gold 43.51 $

How do you know, that you can resell your BDT coins?
You can buy the Kruger Coins (start Q1 2019) with the BDT Coins and one Kruger Coin = 1 Gram of Gold! You can exchange your Kruger Coin on our platform into Gold “1 Kruger Coin are 1 Gram of Gold”!

When can I exchange my Kruger Coin to real Gold?
After the launch from the Platform in Q1 2019 and the first 20,000 sold Kruger Coins you can exchange your Kruger Coins on our Platform into Real Gold. If you like, you get it delivered or you can pick it up at a pick-up station!

Why do we have to sell 20,000 Kruger coins before we start shipping?
20,000 Kruger coins have a value of about 1 million US dollars. If we buy gold for this amount, we will get better discounts based on the first purchase amount!

Can I earn money through referrals?

Yes, you can recommend the Kruger Coin to friends or acquaintances and you will receive commissions for it, but you need to be a active Kruger Coin Owner!

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