Mileworks ICO — Hydrogen Coin — Signed Pre Orders 175,000,000 $


  1. Vision & Mission
  2. Company Profile
  3. Market
  4. Technology
  5. Mileworks: a Complete System Strategy


  • mileworks will be the innovator in promoting and developing emission-free drivetrain technology using hydrogen as a leading source of energy for vehicles.


  • mileworks is a pioneer, active in the field of zero emission mobility, for outfitting new and used automobiles with emission free drivetrains.
  • The drivetrain combines an electric drive with a hydrogen range extender (zero emission mobility).
  • The company’s core lies in engineering, project management, marketing, sales and servicing, while production is mainly performed in coordination with external partners.


  • The company first launched in 2005 with the “Spyder” project. The “Spyder” is visually based on the former “Karmann Ghia” and is an air-cooled internal combustion rear-engine vehicle.
  • The design was well received with offers of local production in a small series.
  • In addition, the vehicle has been conceived for use with biofuels.
  • 2008 from concept meetings with the Karmann GmbH, a follow-up project was “eRod”, a lightweight Roadster with an eDrive, which was presented at the Electric Avenue Fair for Electric Mobility in Friedrichshafen.
  • 2009 the vehicle was ready for a series production. The bankruptcy of the partner Karmann and the global economic crisis prevented the implementation in the following year.
  • mileworks automotive systems was founded in April 2010. The move to Pasewalk was completed that same year.
  • The company was involved with two European partners, in the implementation of a smart battery exchange system for passenger cars.
  • The removable battery system was discarded in favor of the h2eDrive, which allows virtually unlimited range of vehicles with H2eDrive. 2011 proved this with the first cars as a taxi in London.
     The original six vehicles — made for this test — drove 30,000 km each without problems.
  • Since 2012, mileworks has partnered with FIAT Chrysler Automobiles.
     mileworks offers vehicles with zero emission technology and the necessary infrastructure in the form of hydrogen filling stations and ICT solutions.
  • Market entry is planned in 2019.



  • There are several interested parties in short route transport (airports, taxis, private fleet operators) as well as public institutions.
  • The market for emission-free transportation is greatly supported by governing parties through grants and subsidies.

Comercial Framework Factors:

  • National incentive systems for the lowering of emissions. Subsidization and fiscal advantages for lower emission.
  • European Union subsidies for fleet operators making the acquisition.
  • The vehicles are offered to the user as very economically leasing package. The leasing is a all-Inclusive package and covers everything, except accident damages to the vehicle. The Hydrogen fuel for the range extender is also included in the leasing costs.

Sales & Marketing:

The target markets are fleet operators.
The objective is to fit them with zero emission vehicles with out them having to make major investments in a charging infrastructure. i. e.:

  • commercial taxis
  • community services
  • government services
  • transport logistics
  • regional private businesses

Marketing will be performed through a direct sales model.



  • mileworks has been creating electric driven vehicles since 2008.
  • The hydrogen fueled range extender runs and charges the batteries throughout the duration of the drive.
  • The universal drivetrain can be used in practically every vehicle.

Range Extender:

European Line Up:

Technical Framework Factors:

  • 10 years of concept development and market research!
  • One of a kind, holistic mobility concept for fleets
  • Decoupling of drive and unit supply
  • Temperature control system instand-by mode
  • Synergetic network of technology partners
  • Weight reduction by concentration on the substantial needs
  • System robustness by attention of substantial details
  • Safest available drive train containment

Technology Partners:

Service Concept:

  • Service partners already exist for the vehicles, with conventional drivetrains, for the brands and models used.
  • Service centers will be educated and integrated into the service network concept.


Mileworks delivers a complete package for fleet operators

  • automobiles
  • zero emission
  • drivetrain solutions
  • hydrogen filling stations
  • financing solution partnerships
  • IT solutions

Already signed Pre Orders:

150,000,000 $ = around 175,000,000 $ already signed Pre Orders

Coin Economic:

What can i do with the Hydrogen Coin?

  • Drive Taxi (already existing Network in Germany)
  • Buy Hydrogen Cars
  • Open your Hydrogen Filling Station
  • Fill your Hydrogen Car

more Informations will follow!

How can i buy Hydrogen Coin?

You can buy Hydrogen Coin on the BDT ICO Platform with the BDT Coin (25% Bonus), Bitcoin (coming soon) and Ethereum (coming soon)!

When does the Project start?

February 2019




“Hotbit will Swap the BDT Tokens to the BDT Coins in the next few weeks automatically with a ration from 6 BDT Token = 1 BDT Coin”

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in our Telegram Community or in our Discord Channel