The establishment of Bitcoin

Bitcoin history is tied to the financial crisis of 2008, when the US government pumping money to save the financial and banking system. And netizens thought of inventing a kind of money to avoid the control of state-owned banks, are not subject to the management of the bank and used for trading on the electronic trading system, the history of Bitcoin born from here.
At about 11/2008 an idea of ​​virtual currency Bitcoin is character named Satoshi Nakamoto posted online and get more feedback. From then until now the number of Bitcoins are created and the number of users as well as businesses to accept payments in Bitcoin increasing rapidly. Not only that of the Bitcoin exchange rates also growing strongly, there are many investors profit from the Bitcoin super expensive. Since its inception to date Bitcoin Council has also undergone many changes but it still exists and develops, more and confirm the position of the currency on world financial markets.

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