Bite my what?

Hello from behind the scenes at Bite Sized Arts. I am a local Mum of two, (2 and 4) who loves that Brighton is one of the most creatively encouraging places to live, but have never really maximised what is on our doorstep, and always been a bit on the creatively stunted side.

After repeatedly typing ‘something creative to do on a Friday, in Brighton, with small children’ into google several times a week, I started to imagine an arts based online space that could provide nuggets of information about family friendly creative activities in the area, from theatre productions, to messy play classes, to singing and dance groups, arts and drama based after-school clubs, great party venues and maybe even some quick easy tips to being creative at home (big on creativity, easy on the mess — who has got time to clean paint off the walls every 5 seconds?)

That’s when Bite Sized Arts was born.

If you have young people in your life and a passion (or even a slight urge) for the arts and creativity, I hope you find Bite Sized Arts enjoyable. You can find us on twitter Bite Sized Arts, Instagram and Facebook.

As a side note, I appear to have a burgeoning two year old graffiti artist on my hands. So if anyone else would like their freshly painted white lounge walls tagged numerous amounts of time by an up-and-coming Brighton artist, please let me know.

I thank you.

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