1. The biggest way we turn polls around is if New Labour MPs stop fighting Labour and start…

You ask:

“Why do we need a ‘clear vision’ set out 4 years before a General Election?”

Corbyn gave us one in his 2015 leadership election manifesto — I summarise from five lengthy chapters:

“ Double the NHS’s income, new large scale housing, energy, transport and digital projects, create a million skilled jobs and genuine apprenticeships, a National Education Service, universal free childcare, scrap tuition fees and replace with grants, buy out NHS PFI contracts, build decent homes for all in public and private sectors, Rail and Energy nationalisation, renationalise the Royal Bank of Scotland. cap the pay of top executives, possible reopening of coal mines.”

That was nearly 11 months ago, so where is even the start of the social, political, economic and financial justification for this vision that will convince the electorate that the economy is safe in Labour’s hands again?