Weekly Bitcoin Analysis — March 12

Bitcoin has risen about 12USD over the last week, closing at 419.9USD (~3275 HKD).

We expect Bitcoin to stay in the range of 400–420 USD (3120-3275 HKD) for the short term. As for a mid to long term trade, we anticipate that Bitcoin will continue to have stable growth in the coming month. Would be a good move to start accumilating at around 405USD (3200 HKD) and close out a portion at around 450USD (3500 HKD). If we have a successful breakout at 455.6 USD (3540 HKD). We may reach 600USD (4700HKD) as mentioned in last week’s post.

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市況分析:比特幣 Coindesk BPI 指數一週上升11.91美元,報419.89美元 (折合3,275港元),升幅為2.92%。

短線操作:綜合近一個月走勢,短線 Trading Range 逐漸收窄至短期底部400.0美元(折合3,120港元) 及短期頂部420.0美元(折合3,276港元)。短線投資者可依照這個 Range 作參巧。

建議待回落至405.0美元(折合3,198港元) 附近吸納,於450.0美元 (折合3,510港元)部份獲利。如上破阻力位455.61美元,這亦是自比特幣大時代後的第一個比較實在的支持位(2014年4月,現已變成阻力位),如成交配合,上望600.0美元(折合4,680港元)。


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