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Usually service providers and traders tend to avoid making payments in cryptocurrency because this payment method is not secure today — there is a high risk of losses as a result of differences in exchange rates, price volatility and regulatory issues. This unpredictability is a significant obstacle to scaling the many features and services on the market.

Thus, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency has great growth prospects, today it is very often subject to various speculations. The volatility created by traders seeking fast returns makes it unsuitable for those users who want their currency to have the same value today and tomorrow. …

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1 — Transparency: BitherCash is a transparent coin with its open source code available on Github, 55 million total supply, Blockchain (BitherCash Explorer) & Independent download wallets from Android & iPhone. Registered & Head office in UAE. Owners well known to public. wallets.BitherCash.net, www.bithercash.net:3001

2 — Usability: Bither Group Of Companies Present 1st eCommerce platform accepting 100% BitherCash & Bitcoin (Over 800,000 Online Shops,Real Estate,Automobiles, Gold/Diamonds ,Services) www.ShoppingHungama.com

3 — Staking Rewards Program (Upto 8% monthly Reward) www.BitherCash.club

4 — Exchange (Price Protection Of BitherCash, Buying & Selling Of BitherCash with withdrawal through BTC) www.BitherX.com

5 — Bither Homes (A Real Estate company of BIther Group Of Companies registered in Dubai) Multimillion Dollar Real Estate First project in Kerala, India as a backup of BitherCash & soon expanding to Pakistan & other regions. Buying, Selling Of Real Estate through Bither Homes. www.BitherHomes.com

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Today, cryptocurrency is not a secure payment method and puts at risk platforms, services and online stores that work with it. All this hinders the use of this currency in everyday life and calls into question the possibility of replacing Fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies in general.

Over the past few years, especially during 2017, many improvements and new types of blockchain technology have appeared on the market, but none of them has managed to take a leading position in the market to this day.

Every day people interact with each other, offering and buying from each other goods and services. BitherCash offers a platform that will be able to unite the market by connecting all members of the community — businesses and users — into a single whole and giving them the opportunity to exchange currencies after granting loans for a certain period.

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