What are Masternodes doing ?

Masternodes receive the verified software of the project, and start to do the following tasks continually:

a. Collecting the network information regarding the hash rate of every miner, and their commands for distributing the extra hashing power.
b. Accumulating the newest network information including the number of sidechains, their details, and their related inside-chains.
c. Gathering the information of sidechains that are requesting hash power, and the details about their tokens’ distribution.
d. Downloading the last version of the Bither blockchain, and keeping the database synced.
e. Summarizing and performing required calculations for distributing the hashing power to the network.
f. Issuing the distribution commands and sending them to the network (to other trusted masternodes, nodes and miners).
g. Observation of the other masternodes’ operations and sending the compliance or non-compliance signals for each masternode.
h. Activating or contributing to votings between masternodes.
i. Observation of networks that are specified for sidechains’ transactions.
j. Accurate observation of miners and distribution of the hashing power according to the issued commands from them.
k. Executing commands to release the coins that are mined by the miners after the grace period (After confirming the accuracy of each miner’s operations in distributing hashing power of masternodes).
l. Signing and approving for deposit or withdrawal of the accumulated coins in the shared fund wallet of masternodes for distributing between them (in every 5000 blocks cycle).