Our Initial Contract Offering (ICO) is now officially closed and we would like to thank all the investors and all the people who supported us and believed in our project.
Thank you all.

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Bitminer Factory

towards new trends on the 4th industrial revolution & sustainable practices

The project involves the construction of a Pentapod Ming Farm for the containment of mining units of electric power equal to 500 kWp.

The infrastructure guarantees energy consumption to a minimum thanks to the exploitation of the forced air convention that allows to manage an optimal operating temperature.

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The hot air generated inside the room, expelled with a forced ventilation, is conveyed in the flow field of a 2 kWp wind generator; the expected wind field can feed the entire energy consumption of the ventilation auxiliaries.

Finally, the hot air produced is exploited for agricultural production inside greenhouses as for advanced soilless urban farming trends , fueling a cyclical process of energy management, promoting Miner`s work more and more eco-sustainable therefore targeting the SDG /Sustainable Development Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg2) …

Bitminer Factory launched their ICO on Saturday, the 21st of July.

BMF tokens, mining contracts that allow holders to use the Mining Operations and Services developed by Bitminer Factory

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🌎🍃 Green your crypto, save the Planet


Bitminer Factory

Feeding the Blockchain Revolution with Renewable Energy

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