Introducing Tripplan for iPhone

Today is a special day for me. Today I launch my first personal app and I’m really happy about it.

Tripplan is a trip planning app. It’s not another app to give you hotel or flights offers, on Tripplan you store all your trip information once you already have reservations, flights or even cultural visits planned.

It’s free so if you want to know more just go and download it.

Now I’ll talk about how Tripplan helped me with my last trip, the first one with the app.

Using Tripplan on a real case

A few weeks ago I traveled to Italy visiting Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Venice and Milan. I did spend A LOT of time getting everything ready for the trip and that includes:

  • Planning where to go (cities and nights at each one)
  • Searching for the best hotels I can/want to pay
  • Thinking what to visit
  • Reserving rental car
  • Buying train and flight tickets
  • Keeping all under budget including breakfasts, lunches and dinners

It was really hard but after all that work I got a plan. I had all off this in just a plain text note and that was hard to read and understand and even more hard to plan in detail so I started creating google maps with every point I want to visit. That allowed me to plan the route (If you want to visit cities like Rome you need to follow a route or you’ll spend more time moving to the next place that on place itself).

And here, at this point, is where Tripplan is the perfect match for me. I already know where I want to go and the order but I still need a clean place where I can keep some info like:

  • How many days until my trip starts?
  • At what time does the plane departure
  • Where’s the car rental company?
  • What’s the direction of the hotel?

This questions could be answered in many ways. I could setup a calendar event for the flight to know when it is and the time I should be at the airport. I could add the car rental office as a contact or maybe just keep all that info in a note and check it when I’m there.

All those things feel dirty as hell and I’m sure that I won’t find the right info when I needed so I added my plan to Tripplan app. It was easy as the app is focused on that, quick input. Once completed I was ready for my trip.

And here comes the good part, the fire test for my app, a real trip. We spend 3 days at Rome so following the planned schedule was mandatory in order to visit all. Tripplan was really helpful during this days allowing me to follow what I planned a home without issues. I just opened the app, tap on next thing, tap on address and go. At this point I should mention another app that helped a lot and I think it make an awesome combo with Tripplan. That app is Is an offline maps app that includes route planning. ¿The awesome part? You can open it from Tripplan just by tapping the address and choosing it from the menu.

The process was incredibly easy:

  • Find what’s next on Tripplan
  • Navigate to it using

For the rest of the trip having the plan with me was really helpful too. For Tuscany, for example, I just tapped on the next village to visit and open it in Waze instead of (I had an international internet sim to use online maps).

Of course there’s always plan changes and even there Tripplan helped me as I had with me Churches, restaurants and museums opening hours and we changed our plan with that info in mind.

During the trip and always with Tripplan as base app I found really nice app combinations that helped reducing the time pended planning trip during the trip itself:

  • Tripplan + for full offline experience
  • Tripplan + Waze, Google maps, Apple maps for car gps
  • Tripplan + Citymapper for public transport

I’m really waiting to know more use cases of my app and hope it can help more people enjoy their trips.