3 Days Countdown for BITHD RAZOR Debut
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3 Days Countdown for BITHD RAZOR Debut


Thinness and firmness is a pair of contradiction, but the hardware wallet needs to be sturdy and durable, because it is more than just a magnetic strip or IC chip. The hardware wallet has a CPU, screen, circuit, battery, and how to design it to be thin and sturdy? It’s tricky, you can’t have your cake, and eat it.


The rear side of the BitHD card is a high-performance aluminum alloy and that is quite sturdy.
The front side is more environmental-friendly PET material; the feel and texture are very good, the bottom is padded with a layer of 304 stainless steel, which is very strong, which is equivalent to all-metal protection, very durable.


Which one do you like? Macbook Pro or Macbook Air? We know that sacrificing performance is not a good idea for thinness and lightness. If the screen is sacrificed and the security cannot be guaranteed, why do you need a hardware wallet? However, the performance of the BitHD-Card Edition is even stronger than the BitHD watch1. How do we achieve that?


The card edition does not reduce the hardware configuration, yet, the applied Bluetooth chip is upgraded to the new generation. The transmission rate can be 10 times of the previous generation. The BitHD card is the only hardware wallet that uses the newest Bluetooth chips, and the card edition has higher configuration.
The BitHD Card Edition-Razor’s official website was officially launched, and today we opened the pre-sale for 100 engineering machines. For purchase, please contact telegram: @Antony_bitpie or email: tonywong@bitpie.com