Bitpie Instant Trade in US Dollars Unveiled!

We have been running the service of Instant Trade for over 2 years, all the previous trades were carried out in Chinese Yuan. From now on, we march into a new phase of our business — trade in US Dollars to cater for broader scope of users and buninesses globally.

As a preliminary step, we are beginning with coins selling, which means you are now able to sell your cryptocurrencies on Bitpie App and receive US Dollars at your USD bank account.

Here we list some common Q&A for your reference.

1. Which countries and regions currently supported?

* Mainly in the United States and Canada;

* For other countries, please ensure that your bank account support US Dollars;

* We currently do not support Africa, South America and countries subject to US Dollars sanctions;

2. What are the requirements for receiving US Dollars?

You need to have an USD account and fill in the necessary payment information (such as bank account number, SWIFT code, etc.)

3. How long does it take to receive the funds?

Normally 2–5 business days

4. What is the transfer limit?

The minimum is $1,000 and daily limit is $10,000 per person. If you have larger amount to deal with, please contact our USD support on

Telegram: @kelvin914, or Skype: kelvinleung_tf or Wechat : Kelvinl1993

5. What about the transfer fees?

If the transfer amount is between $1,000 and $5,000, at least $35 will be charged, excluding the bank fee. We charge 1% when over $5000.



* 当前转账主要以美国,加拿大为主

* 欧洲及澳洲转账请确保您当地的账户开通了美金业务

* 当前不支持非洲、南美及受到美元制裁国家的转账






单笔限额为最低1,000 美金,最高每人每天10,000美金。超过10,000美金的转账可单独联系我们的美金客服, 微信 :kelvinl1993




Should you have more questions and cooperation demands, please do not hesitate to reach out:
Skype: kelvinleung_tf
WhatApp: 852–66161986