Bitpie Opens Instant Trade in USD

We are connecting everyone from everywhere to trade on Bitpie.

More countries are available for instant trade on Bitpie v4.0.0, you can enjoy selling cryptocurrencies on new Bitpie version, easy to trade, fast payment handling. Join us and get the liquidity you need from a company you trust.

More fiat currencies and Buy function will be supported subsequently, please stay tuned to Bitpie’s latest update!

Bitpie Instant Trade Demo

Open the Bitpie wallet and click ‘Instant Trade’
Switch to USD coin
Read the notice carefully
After you initiate the order u will see this page
Then back to this page and click ‘Pie Bank’
U will see the USD is already in your Pie Bank account

Bitpie Instant Trade Q&A

1. What are the countries and regions currently supported?
* Mainly in the United States and Canada.
* For another country, please ensure that your bank account support USD.
* We currently do not support Africa, South America and countries subject to USD sanctions
2. What are the conditions for the transfer?
You need to have an USD account and fill in the necessary payment information (such as bank account number, SWIFT code, etc.)
3. How long does it take to arrive?
Normally within 2–5 business days
4. What is the transfer limit?
The minimum is $1,000 and daily limit is $10,000 per person. If transfer amount exceeds the limit, please contact our USD support:
Telegram: @kelvin914, or Skype: kelvinleung_tf or Wechat : Kelvinl1993
If the transfer amount is between $1,000 and $5,000, at least $35 is charged, excluding the bank fee and we charge 1% when over $5000
Should you have more questions and cooperation demands, please do not hesitate to reach out:
Skype: kelvinleung_tf
WhatApp: 852–66161986

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