How to Swap Your USDT-Omni to USDT-TRON ?

You are now able to swap your USDT-OMNI for TRC20 Based USDT. Basically it takes us just 2 simple steps.
No.1 Deposit your USDT Omni into the Pie Bank.
No.2 Choose the USDT financial plan. Then type in the amount you would like to exchange.

Click to watch the video:

Now I am gonna show you with a demo.

Before we start, pls make sure you already update to the newest Version 3.9.9

Open the Bitpie wallet, Switch to USDT system, then click the “More” button

Enter into the Pie Bank

Deposit USDT Omni from your wallet.

Click “Financial Plan” and enter into the service

Enter the amount you gonna exchange and click the Exchange button to finish the process.

You have done the convert and now you shall wait for the airdrop. You can check out the statement of the airdrop from this page.


How long does it take to complete the swapping?

Tether will complete the swapping within two workdays. However, the final duration shall be subject to the official operation by Tether. Upon the ending of the swapping, the corresponding assets will be automatically sent to your TRX address.

What are the benefits of holding USDT-TRON?

The TRON official will give an airdrop reward to the TRC20 based USDT holders. Meanwhile, Bitpie will support the Airdrop Plan for USDT-TRON holders.

Click to watch the video:

How to get a 20% USDT-TRON reward from the USDT-TRON Airdrop

How to swap USDT-TRON back to USDT-OMNI?

Currently, Bitpie does not support this reverse swapping feature; yet, we will support that as the case may be.

Please be noted:

* New users of TRON need to switch to the TRON system before starting the swap.

* Please arrange your time reasonably. The fluctuation of assets values caused during the swapping period; the losses shall be borne by the users.

*If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer service team on Telegram:

Bitpie Team

April 24, 2019