1 Days Countdown for BITHD RAZOR Debut
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Q&A 3: 1 Day Countdown of BITHD Razor Debut

Q3: The thickness of the credit card is about 1mm, plus the raised number on the card surface is about 1.3cm. How thin is BitHD Razor to be as convenient as a credit card?
A3: The thickness of the first version design is 3mm. After we have done a lot of optimization in circuit design, chip design, battery, charging port, etc., we have tried to reduce the thickness by 0.8mm, and the thickness finally turns to 2.2 mm.
Here are two points:
A. We have done some special adjustment at the button, the buttons are not convex, and the front is flat. You will feel comfortable when pressing it;
B, we do not adopt USB charge port on Razor, because it can’t be uniformly thin as the whole body. It will bulge at the charging port, which is not suitable for putting it in the wallet;