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Realizing we have not posted here in quite some time. That is because our official announcements page has moved and we failed to update you here. Please accept our apologies.

You should head over to Bitswift.press if you are looking for updated announcements as they relate to Bitswift ecosystem.

We will work towards merging the content here with the content over at https://bitswift.press

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Technology Solutions

Hello everyone,

Bitswift Tech launched in March of 2017, and we are pleased to announce that the company is performing exceptionally well. We are supporting a growing number of small businesses and residential users with their technology requirements. Bitswift Tech is building business relationships and networking with other well established companies. Our brand works, people are taking notice, and Bitswift Tech is expanding.

We have brought on our first rep — Patrick Stephens.

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Patrick is a customer focused representative, with over 8 years worth of direct experience in end user technical support. He has worked previously for various tech companies, making sure that the customer gets the most out of their technology. …

Technology Solutions

Hello everyone!

Today we have soft launched a technology solutions business in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Bitswift Technology Solutions focus is on integrating and supporting businesses and individuals with their technology requirements. Specifically, we like to re-imagine how new technology can be implemented to help offset costs and streamline business production.

We also provide support and products for existing technology infrastructure. Our technicians are highly skilled and have been in the business for decades, so we know they are quite capable of delivering the experience and deploying the products you need.

Whether you are a business looking to implement new networks, or a home user needing a device setup, our representatives can handle it. Give us a call (613 766 1110) and we will make sure we do our best to serve you.

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