Bitswift Community Update — April 15, 2020

Happy belated Easter to everyone in the Community!

Welcome back to yet another Bitswift monthly community update. We’ve been busy as usual and making progress despite the global pandemic ongoing in the world. We are excited to share some updates and progress for this month, so grab your favorite snack or drink and keep on reading!

BITS and CASH — Markets & Exchanges

We have been working very hard to provide you with more exchanges where you are able to trade your Bitswift tokens. More importantly, we have been working to bring on additional liquidity to the already existing markets so that the Bitswift markets remain appealing to those participating and using Bitswifts blockchain apps.

As you may or may not know, Bitswift tokens (BITS) trade on the following exchanges:

  1. Ardor Decentralized Exchange (DEX)



( — trading pairs BITS/BTC, BITS/ETH


( — trading pairs BITS/BTC

Bitswift is currently engaging other digital asset exchanges where we are seeking to list both BITS and CASH tokens with multiple markets. We should have more news on this for you on the next monthly community update.

Bitswift Remote Agent — Assisting companies and their team members transition to a secure remote workforce.

This global pandemic has seriously shifted the way people work and interact with each other. By the end of it, some people may wonder why they even had to get up to go out to work in the first place. People are exploring and finding new and innovative ways to connect and stay in business and Bitswift is set up to assist businesses through the process.

In these times, Bitswift Tech is being called increasingly upon to provide secure remote support solutions for business and individual needs. Our managed customers benefit from our Bitswift Remote Agent software which comes packed with a license to enterprise-grade remote desktop software giving all our managed customers the ability to securely work from home. Bitswift Agent also packs essential device and data security software ensuring our managed customers have access to secure and reliable systems and professional remote support when required.

To sum it up, Bitswift Remote Agent packages essential apps for business endpoints including secure remote desktop applications allowing businesses to remain productive while their teams become distributed working from home.

If your curious to find out more about this product and service or become a Managed Tech Solutions Customer check out the link below:

If you feel it may help your business in any way to have your devices managed by Bitswift tech, please contact us so we can hook you up! updates

We finally broke through a big goal and now, officially has over 1000 Registered Citizens! The community is growing and we are excited to continue to watch the progress.

If you’re still unverified, make sure that you verify yourself so that you will be able to claim: BITS, CASH, CDN, SLS, IGNIS tokens daily from the faucet.

We recently added some monetization options to On the claim page, you may have noticed small adverts popping up in the lower left corner. Currently, anyone can purchase 1 month of ad time for 100,000 CASH tokens. Now that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me, and it could place your project or business in direct exposure to active users who are interested in blockchain & crypto-assets, so contact us if you are interested in some exposure there for your project.

We are constantly looking for new ways for users to utilize CASH tokens including the addition of CASH asset on 3rd party markets and exchanges, so check back next month as we will continue to update you with all your and CASH asset news.

Forging pool

As you may know, Bitswift operates a forging pool (LZLZ pool) as part of its ecosystem. The forging pool allows Bitswift to harvest the digital resources required to offset costs related to powering Bitswift blockchain apps. You can lease your Ardor balance to the LZLZ pool to receive crypto-rewards from our forging pool on the 15th of each month.

Check where we provide transparent information about Forging pool stats. If you have some Ardor in your account that you’re not using, try leasing it and earn some passive crypo tokens from the pool.

Here are this month's LZLZ forging pool earners.

Congrats to all the above forging accounts for being badass and contributing your forging power to the LZLZ pool. Your forging power contributions are greatly appreciated and ensure the health and longevity of the Bitswift blockchain ecosystem.

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