Bitswift Community Update — April 2019
Apr 14 · 6 min read

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the another Bitswift monthly community update, the place where you can read all the latest updates regarding Bitswift ecosystem. We have been quite busy with business as usual and we appreciate your interest in learning what we have been up to with this Aprils update.

A lot of changes have been implemented on . It’s become much more user friendly and organized with our new database hook. The shop now supporting many new categories and 1000's of tech gear ready to drop ship across Canada.

We have also made some developments and progress on a checkout app that will save customers 10% if they remit payment in supported tokens (TBD). We believe that the transaction fee savings, and the ability to prevent charge backs will allow us to be more competitive in the tech market, with an end result of lowered prices for customers when utilizing these options. From a merchant perspective, accepting p2p crypto protects us from chargebacks, which can be time consuming and costly for any business. is setup as a sales tool for reps who are operating under the Bitswift brand supporting and integrating tech for business. If you are interested in please follow the twitter account we have setup here: @shopbitswift .

We are very pleased to say that our tech company (Bitswift Tech) is doing extremely well. Every month we receive new customers, and new opportunities to help people with their technology requirements. It is evident that technology is not going to go anywhere anytime soon, and so neither will the need to support and integrate it. We are in the process of bringing on additional Bitswift reps to help keep up with the demand of new support requests we are receiving. Most of our customers are appearing in the SMB market, but we also have some non-profit and educational customers that we are now supporting. We are building a savvy network of highly skilled technology professionals who take pride in supporting, installing, and educating people on the benefits of certain technologies. We take it a step further and integrate and implement those technologies into business increasing their productivity and profitability. Bitswift Tech is a Managed Service Provider for businesses requiring assistance with their technology infrastructure and related purchasing decisions.

Mobile application

We’ve been making progress on our mobile application, the main functions will include:

· Cross communication with data from (

· Full access to your blockchain account making the Bitswift public ledger more convenient and easily accessible for end users.

· Ability to send and receive BITS,and other assets via SMS and NFC.

· Ability to trade digital assets on the Decentralized Exchange.

The application will be very user friendly and is going to integrate and bring together our products and services in a user friendly, convenient, mobile format. — 1 million total CASH claimed! is running quite well and all of its functionalities have been working without any issues.

Currently, there are 163 Verified Citizens and 288 Registered Citizens on the platform while we continue to grow our community. The statistic of last month were 146 Verified Citizens and 233 Registered Citizens. This means that the number of Verified Citizens increased by 17 and the number of Registered Citizens by 55.

Figure 1. dashboard

The daily number of Community Assets that are being claimed is slowly increasing so that is always a good indicator that the platform is being used just as it was planned and that we are building the foundations towards a community driven Universal Basic Income.

We are also proud to announce that total of 1 Million CASH have been claimed since the launch of . This is amazing, and an excellent indicator that our community is claiming CASH regularly while using the platform. — New Item Mine Asset — IGNIS

If you’ve been regularly claiming claimable assets on you probably noticed that along BITS, CDN and SLS, there is a new claimable asset that can be collected, IGNIS.

Figure 2. IGNIS token market —

By now you are probably wondering, how do we go about just giving these tokens away ? How is that sustainable ?

Well, as they say, where there is a will there is a way and so we have found a balance using our knowledge and experience in the crypto space to generate for all of our community who wish to participate in the asset based token economy. For Ignis it is a matter of allocating a percentage of IGNIS earned through our forging pool back to citizens on Likewise for the other mineable digital assets, we have implemented mechanisms to harvest more of them either through our knowledge in mining, investing, or through partnerships.

Figure 3. Item mine broadcasting assets-

You are also probably wondering what new features are in the works for Well good news for you, currently we are working on increasing security for user accounts through adding 2fa options. Along with hooking up external chains to the system so that external data may transverse into the Bitswift ecosystem where it may use features such as the decentralized exchange or access to other chain services.

Decentralized Ardor Coin Exchange

Ardor Coin Exchange (ACE) has recently seen some activity in regards to trading volume for ARDR/BITS, as it can be seen on Figure 4.

Ardor Coin Exchange will hopefully become more popular in the future as having your assets on decentralized platform is much more secure than having them on a centralized one. We have to remember that centralized exchanges are always in full control off your digital assets and if the exchange is not secure, your assets may be lost in a potential hacking attack or something worse. We have personally witnessed a number of centralized exchanges be taken offline in the years we have been working in this space, so best we can do is educate our users on the importance of remaining in control of your digital assets and to use the blockchain as a tool to accomplish that as we move into the digital age.

Figure 4. Screenshot of ACE executed trades

LZLZ Forging pool

You can receive the payouts for forging pool which happen 15th of every month. Check the where we provide transparent information about Forging pool stats. If you have some Ardor in your account that you’re not using, try leasing it and earn some passive crypo tokens! Our forging pool numbers are up as more users are contributing their stake, so get with the program and join the others who are leasing to the LZLZ forging pool.

Figure 5. LZLZ pool stats

Don’t forget, leasing your balance will make you as cool as a Ninja Turtle. If you wish to participate its as simple as leasing your Ardor to:


Figure 5. LZLZ pool — Ninja Turtles do it

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