Bitswift Community Update- August 2019
Aug 15 · 8 min read

Hello everyone, welcome back to another monthly community update, the place to be if you want to keep in the know how with all things going up at Bitswift.

Adding BITS/BTC pair —P2P Exchange

Our development team is working daily on version 2 which will provide the accessible gateway and interface for external chains like Bitcoin to the Bitswift blockchain. We are finalizing the addition of BITS/BTC pair to Bitswifts decentralized asset exchange which is already accessible to everyone if you have a Bitswift blockchain account. This means users are able to trade Bitcoin to Bitswift on the p2p exchange, while protecting the users from some centralized risks, and removing Bitswift from providing exchange services as this aspect is all handled on chain between the users themselves as it should be.

It is important to note that is a blockchain interface, and not a centralized exchange or a wallet. is intended to make digital assets accessible and to be used for inter-chain gateway services. We are keeping the complete trading experience on the decentralized asset exchange which will be the best way to protect users in our ecosystem.

Through bringing Bitcoin to the Bitswift public ledger we create another BTC market for Bitswift tokens, while creating opportunity for other assets and their communities on Ardor such as Ignis and Ardor tokens which may also trade with Bitcoin on chain through Bitswift gateway services.

On the picture below it can be found how the Decentralized Exchange looks for BITS/ARDR trading pair, and a reminder that this is already available to everyone in their Bitswift blockchain account as it is part of the Bitswift protocol. (The Bitswift public ledger)

Figure. Interface of p2p exchange for BITS/ARDR trading pair

To access the P2P Exchange visit: , enter your Bitswift account address and click on the tab: “Coin Exchange”. On the Bitswift DEX you trade on chain in a p2p manner with other users in the community. You maintain control of your own digital assets without the need to rely on a trusted 3rd party. You secure your own data without fear of someone limiting or restricting your access to your own property. You don’t have to send pictures of your photo ID and your face from all angles while holding a piece of paper with your name on it while balancing on a beach ball. You… well… You get the point :) The point is the Bitswift Decentralized Asset Exchange is not going to go away any time soon, its ready for you to use, people are already using it, and we are going to bring other assets and introduce new businesses to it and while making it as accessible as possible for everyone. Ok ?

Right now on chain Bitswift tokens trade with Ardor tokens in a 1:1 manner. This means that you can trade 1 Ardor token and get 1 Bitswift token for it on the p2p exchange. It is important to note also that pricing information on has been updated to reflect current market rates using the on chain data. This means that the on chain market and its data now takes priority over any other 3rd party market data such as STEX or Bittrex when used to show on market and block explorer stats. Traders should be on the look out for good arbitrage opportunities between STEX and bitswifts p2p exchange, there is always opportunity to make some passive crypto in the p2p digital economy.

2019 Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto

Figure. Blockchain & Futurist Badge, this badge is fully biodegradable

2019 Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto is Canada’s largest Blockchain Conference and was scheduled on August 12th until the 14th.

Bitswift team attended this Conference where we introduced Bitswift to many new people in the industry. We had the privileged of airdropping our limited first edition crypto card loaded with Bitswift tokens.

Figure. Bitcards (Shannons, Backs, Finneys, and Chaums)

Bitcards are preloaded with Bitswift tokens that can be safely moved to a Bitswift Blockchain account that the card holder creates. Once the card has been activated, the user controls all the Bitswift tokens, and is free to use them to perform any action on the Bitswift public ledger such as using the decentralized name system or file storage options.

If you want to learn more about Bitcards, please visit the following link: You will need a physical card with an activation key loaded on it to be able to redeem any tokens, so keep your eyes out for airdrops and giveaways of these cards in the future because... who doesn't like free crypto ?

We met a lot of cool people and made some great business connections at the Blockchain conference and we will be sure to attend others which are in alignment with our vision for the ecosystem in the future.

Rich list of Bitswift released (A community run Ardor informational site) has officially released a rich list of Bitswift tokens. This is basically a list of addresses that hold Bitswift tokens and it can be found on the following link:

Figure. Bitswift Rich List

Public blockchains have a habit of making things transparent, which is something we can vouch for, so here we have a way to see each accounts balance on the Bitswift public ledger and its weight in ownership of Bitswift tokens. As you can see, there are over 500 + accounts currently holding Bitswift tokens. There are only 3.9 million Bits tokens out there, so where does your account rank ? ;) ?

The Bitswift LZLZ Forging pool

It is important that new people in our community know how they can receive passive crypto by participating on our forging pool. For those who dont know, you can lease your Ardor balance to the Bitswift pool to earn passive crypto rewards on your Bitswift blockchain account. Check where we provide transparent information about Forging pool stats. If you have some Ardor in your account that you’re not using, try leasing it to our forging pool where you may earn transaction fees in the form of Ardor tokens just for participating.

Figure. LZLZ forging pool, because creating blocks is what we love doing in our spare time.

In comparison to the last month we can see that the forging power based on ARDOR increased by 4,135,428 which is amazing! The number of Forged Blocks and Forgers also increased so this definitely indicates a sign of interest in Bitswifts LZLZ Forging Pool. This is also great for our pool because we are passively earning Ignis tokens from the Ardor forging contract. Those on are receiving these Ignis in the form of claiming them on their account daily. We are also looking into modifying the payout script so that Ardor leasers on the LZLZ pool are also earning Ignis in proportion to their leased weight on the pool. This means that not only will forgers earn Ardor tokens, but they will also earn Ignis tokens so long as the contract exists on Ignis to issues our pool the tokens. Anyone not familiar with the forging smart contract should check out the details here:

As some of you may know, there is a managed technology solutions company which operates under the Bitswift brand. Its purpose is to educate, integrate and support users and businesses with their technology requirements. This includes integrating innovative technologies like blockchain as they were meant to be and in manners which make businesses more productive and profitable. The team is composed of a growing distributed team of technology professionals who all bring valuable skillets to the team and working together to achieve common goals. has quickly become popular as we get busier each month with new technology solutions requests. With each customer we have the opportunity to build trust in the Bitswift brand and its related products and services. Quite simply the company is growing and we are earning a great reputation among local businesses in regards to being their trusted technology professionals. When people want to know more about how emerging technologies like blockchain can benefit them, they are calling on their technology professionals.

If you are interested in our tech company check out what our customers are saying and realize that Bitswift is more than just some token or coin, it is more than just some hype white paper. Bitswift is a core community, it is real customers, and it is legitimate and profitable business with growing reputation designed to help people as we move into a technologically rich society:


Those in the community also know has a shop ( which Bitswift representatives are utilizing as a tool to help them provide customized quotes to customers and support them with the correct products. What is unique about the shop is that it also accepts crypto, and if the user checks out with Bitswift tokens they will receive a 10% discount on the entire order. The shop also accepts other various crypto-tokens for payment on products shipped from, so be sure to check it out and spend your crypto if you are in need of a new tech product or service. also sells on further driving and extending the reach of the Bitswift brand to new users on alternative ecomm platforms.

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Well hey is for horses as someone I know says, but that seems like it for today’s monthly update. Perhaps we missed something, but if so we can keep it for the next one. If there is something you would like to talk to us about or have included in these monthly updates feel free to hit us up on any of our social channels.

Please join us on other social platforms to support the development and help the community grow.


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Closing Quote:

“ The outcome is not preordained”

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