Bitswift Community Update — Bittrex Delist Decision
Apr 27, 2019 · 3 min read

Hello Bitswift Community,

The purpose of this update is to inform you all that Bittrex will be sticking by their decision to delist the Bitswift token market on their exchange. The specific reason for delisting was cited as low trade volume.

This may come as a shock to many as Bitswift has had a market on Bittrex since its conception back in 2014. This along with the fact that we have a healthy business focused ecosystem, with growing businesses, community, customer base, and growing product & service line. To be honest we feel like we have a lot more going on, and a lot more utility for our tokens than many of the other projects hosted on Bittrex, but hey, it’s up to Bittrex which markets they want to support and why, and that is fine with us.

Bittrex Mascott

All we can do is thank Bittrex and their team for providing a place for our community and customers to trade Bitswift tokens among each other for so long. Special thanks to Julian, Richie, and Michael for dealing with us over the years. Thank you ya giant crypto dinosaur, we may be back, time will tell as it always does.

With the announcement of the Bittrex delisting many of our community and customers came together, funny how that when hard times present themselves a community can come together and bring back a sense of hope to continue the progress and push forward. Thank you to all the community members and all the customers who have come out to show public support for the Bitswift token market on Bittrex. While we were not able to fight off the dinosaur we have faith that everything happens for reasons and we will continue on.

Bitswift community with a purpose, vision, and mission.

As for now, we will continue on with business as usual, building new partnerships in the space and seeking additional exchanges to host our market are already in the works. We have plans to bring Bitcoin to our decentralized exchange so our users can safely trade between each other without the need to worry about another market delist.

One thing is certain, change happens, and usually for good reason. We will move on, we will make progress, we will grow, and we will not give up.

Thank you everyone for the support and love over the years, we truly appreciate it.

Adversity is an opportunity for change. — Zenyatta

-Bitswift Team

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