Bitswift Community Update — January 2020
Jan 16 · 9 min read

Hello Bitswift Community,

We hope you all had a great new year and welcome you all back in 2020. This year we plan to continue providing you with monthly community updates related to the Bitswift ecosystem. This way you can be sure to stay informed and in the know with all things going down at Bitswift & Co. These updates are rather informal yet official, so if you are looking for legitimate Bitswift development news, you have come to the right place.

We have been quite busy with business as usual and we appreciate your interest in learning what we have been up to with this January 2020 update! (2020 looks weird doesn’t it?). updates

The population continues to grow on ( ) and is currently sitting at 551 Verified Citizens and 818 Registered Citizens. The difference between a verified citizen and registered citizen is that verified citizens are users which have submitted a cell phone number for verification, where registered citizens are the total amount of users on the platform whether verified or not. Citizens who verify enable the faucet feature which allows them to generate and claim crypto assets from the platform. The concept is simple, sign up, verify, claim your crypto daily. Repeat. — Claim your Tokens — Visit Daily, Win.

We are extremely excited to see that we have passed the 500 verified citizen mark as we continue to work hard on bringing new features to the platform. We are on track for 1000 users soon, and if you think about it, that’s about the population of a small town!

Bitswift is hosting four different Assets on the Decentralized Asset Exchange (CDN, BTC, CASH, and SLS), find more details on our explorer page Some of these assets can be generated and claimed daily on crypto gateway. In the process, users are earning reputation points (REP) for each claim execution. Users are also earning reputation through referrals, with each referral claim generating 1 REP for the user who made the referral. It pays on Bitswift to invite your friends and family to the platform so be sure to invite as many people as you know to start stacking that REP and CASH.

Bitswift Blockchain — Web-Access

As some of you may know, we phased out our old block & network explorer with the launch of v2 (Nimble). This means our previous blockchain web client which was available at the domain shut down when we ceased operations on the old server. Good news for everyone though, we have re-opened, optimized, and now hosting a new web client for the community to conveniently access their Bitswift blockchain accounts. The new web portal link can be found below:

We provide and maintain this web client as a service for our community and customers who are looking for a secure, accessible, and convenient way to access their blockchain accounts. Through the web client, you can log into your blockchain account and use any of the functions and features which exist on the Bitswift blockchain such as the decentralized exchange and voting system. Users can also switch to other child chains which are existing as part of the Ardor platform and use functions and features on those chains as well.

Updates on the new asset BBTC (Bitcoin on Bitswift)

Some of you may know that we’ve created a new asset on the Bitswift blockchain called BitswiftBTC (BBTC). This asset is pegged to Bitcoin on the Bitswift blockchain and may be converted to native Bitcoin (BTC) in a 1:1 manner through the crypto gateway service.

Right now, the total amount of BTC that exists on Bitswift blockchain is 0.2241 BTC and currently 4 users are holding BBTC on their account. Users can verify this by checking the BBTC asset ID on the block explorer.

Bitswift Bitcoin (BBTC)

BTC Hot Wallet —

One thing that blockchains are really good at is making things transparent. For this reason, we publish our BTC hot wallet for transparency purposes. Users can check and see the address of our BTC account at all times here: .

We also provide a complete transparency section on our Block & Network explorer which contains information relating to relevant accounts within the Bitswift blockchain network.

What’s really cool about Bitswift BTC digital asset is that it trades with other assets among the other child chains on the Ardor platform. Some users are already trading their BTC and BITS on the decentralized exchange as can be seen in the picture below.

Decentralized BTC Market on Bitswift Blockchain

This means that there are active IGNIS/BBTC along with BITS/BBTC markets on the decentralized exchange and that gateway service is providing the interconnect to host Bitcoin so that it may be utilized on the Ardor platform. We look forward to future BBTC decentralized markets as new child chains may arrive on the Ardor platform.

CASH token utilization

We are constantly looking for opportunities to create utility for CASH and Bitswift tokens.

We have been entertaining the idea at possibly using CASH tokens to advertise on the platform. The premise is that users will be able to purchase advertising banners on the claim page using CASH token. This could be a great way for a token developer to increase exposure for their blockchain project. With users coming back regularly, daily, specifically to claim crypto-assets, it would make a great spot to feature some crypto-related projects.

In addition to platform advertising, we believe CASH tokens will primarily benefit from being used on a p2p market. For this reason, we are looking to provide a platform for buyers and sellers of goods and services to connect directly and where CASH token would be used as the default currency. If everyone has a chance to obtain CASH token, and if people are willing to exchange goods and services for it, then so be it. A stimulated economy could exist, one that includes everyone and promotes equality and opportunity, and a foundation for a community-driven Universal Basic Income.

HTC VIVE Controller — For CASH tokens — Community Assets for Charity is seriously helping people in the real world. Introducing the Mugabi Children’s home, a registered community-based organization operating in Wanyama, Bugembe, Uganda. They’ve been caring for orphaned children and those in need. The organization is utilizing the platform to generate and claim crypto assets daily which go towards helping with the orphanage operating expenses.

Here is the statement from the organization’s founder, Brian Paul

“Hello everyone

Mugabi children’s home Uganda is an orphanage found in Uganda Africa in a city called Jinja. It comprises 35 children and 20 widows or aged ladies. It started in 2016 in a very poor situation until 2017 when it landed into the hands of Cryptocurrency. It should be known that it has been crypto in the form of Bitcoin, Binance, Ardor in addition to claims that has helped the 35 children attain their education, school materials, and clothes.

Crypto is real and seriously it has worked and it’s working for us as an orphanage. We do call for you and your support as a community in order to acquire education for the children and their survival with elderly women at large.

Facebook page: Mugabi foundations”

If you want to help them and contribute to the orphanage in Uganda check out the following link to find more about this organization:

For those who are skeptical, please see below the registration documents for the children’s home and know that any donations sent there go towards helping people in need.

We are extremely glad to see that the platform is helping people across the world. Every little bit counts and a bunch of little bits will eventually add up to a lot. What a great use case and real-world example for the platform, helping those in need where you would not otherwise expect it.

Mugabi Children’s Foundation Donation Information:

BTC: bc1qyecvu0548sdm02ggnl0y4jayjw7uhepmkkfm7m

You can also donate in Bitswift supported assets BITS/CASH/BBTC by sending to:


Decentralized Voting

Bitswift has been active with creating polls on the Bitswift blockchain where community members have been participating by voting on different subjects. This is a great way to engage the community and obtain feedback on our products are services. For example, we recently created a poll about how people would feel about monetization through advertising on the platform. Those who want to participate have the opportunity to voice their opinions and potentially shape the developments of the Bitswift ecosystem.

If you want to see the list of the running polls and their live status, check them out here: If there are no polls listed, it means there are no polls running. When polls are open, everyone is invited and encouraged to vote from their Blockchain account.

LZLZ Forging pool

In the last few months, we have made some changes to our Forging Pool which is operating at ARDR-LZLZ-7PT2–7YRP-2QS2H. Currently, around 1 Million ARDR is leased and forging there. This means our pool is solving some blocks and everyone participating is earning passive Ardor tokens based on their leased balance weight. We distribute forging rewards every month and we provide transparent forging statistics available on the Bitswift block & network explorer. You can check these stats here:

A reminder that any accounts forging on the Bitswift pool which have accumulated more than 5 Ardor forged are eligible for scheduled reward payouts on the 15th each month. Congrats this month to the following addresses for forging and earning crypto-rewards this month from the Bitswift LZLZ pool, as always we appreciate your participation:

Accounts who earned payouts this month on Bitswift LZLZ pool

Additional details and transparent stats relating to our pool can be found here:

Join us on other social platforms!

The community is active if you know where to look, so please join us on official social platforms to support the development and help the community grow.


Discord :



Special Announcement:

Introducing our newest community member, Baby Bitswift, (we don’t actually have a name for him yet) born on Jan 10 2020. A newborn brings with it new energy and life. With his arrival, we are reminded of why we push on daily. It is these next generation of little people that will shape our future, they are the next bright minds, through them humanity moves forward. For this reason, it is our responsibility to ensure they inherit a world full of possibilities and opportunities.

Remember that love will always prevail and that life will always find a way.

-A proud dad

Baby Bitswift — Our biggest (or smallest) fan

Closing Quote

Robert Munch

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as i’m living, my baby you’ll be.”

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Official news relating to Bitswift digital ecosystem.

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