Bitswift Community Update — July 15, 2019
Jul 15 · 7 min read

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the another Bitswift monthly community update, the place where you can read all the latest updates regarding Bitswift ecosystem. We have been quite busy with business as usual and we appreciate your interest in learning what we have been up to with this July update, so let’s get started.

Bitswift Token Markets on STEX.COM

We know that it’s important for our community and customers to be able to to trade Bitswift tokens within the p2p global economy, as such we have been pursuing legitimate exchanges to support a Bitswift token market. In most recent developments we have partnered with to bring Bitswift markets online. You asked for one, we brought you two, as both Bitcoin and Ethereum now trade with Bitswift over at We will continue on the quest to list Bitswift on additional exchanges in the future.

The trading symbol (ticker) on STEX for Bitswift tokens is “BITSW” so look for BITSW/BTC and BITSW/ETH trading pairs if you are interested. Direct links to the new markets can be found below:

If you want to register to STEX and start trading Bitswift there, feel free to sign up with the following link:

You can also check out additional information relating to STEX on CoinMarketCap here:

To summarize, STEX is a trusted exchange with an average volume of 1000–2000 BTC traded per day. We are extremely happy about this and we hope that other exchanges will recognize Bitswift as a fundamentally active project which has its own development team working hard to deliver quality products and services.

You should know also that we are working on re-activating the Bitswift profile on coinmarketcap now that there is a place available to pull market stats from.

In addition to all this, our development team is working very hard to bring the Bitcoin asset to the Bitswift decentralized asset exchange, where assets are traded among users in a p2p manner. We will be connecting the Bitcoin and other assets to the p2p exchange through blockchain gateway service. V2 development updates

As you probably already know from the previous monthly updates, we’ve been actively working on a new update that will support the connection to native chains. When complete it will allow external chain data to flow from the native chain onto the Bitswift blockchain and back. This could be very useful for someone who wants to move their assets from one blockchain infrastructure to another where they may utilize one of the services or products on the other chain.

For those who are interested, you can check out the current version of where the platform is already operating daily. It allows users to collect various digital assets from the “Item Mine” (Faucet) and allows users to export their balances to the Bitswift blockchain. The platform currently allows verified users to claim up to 100 CASH tokens per day. Verification is simple only requiring your cell phone number, making an extremely easy and accessible way for anyone to get into crypto, all you have to do is hit that claim button!

Bitswift Tech Developments

Our company has recently been reviewed by and gave us a review for being one of the top blockchain related companies to watch for in 2019. You can find the link and related information here:

Bitswift tech has also received other ratings from similar firms in the past such as these from Good Firms and among others.

We also recently received numerous google customer reviews as we focused on some social and seo awareness last month for the tech company. You can check out some of our 5 star reviews here:

Some of our recent work at includes that of setting up wickets for Canada Post, and installing new servers, and security cameras for hotels and coffee shops. Growing trust in the Bitswift brand is part of the broader objective, and it seems like we can accomplish that one customer at time while supporting, educating and integrating them with our technology products and services.

Aside from growing our customer base and trust, we have also been expanding on our representatives and we are planning to bring a team section online soon on the website.

Technology is not going to go anywhere anytime soon, and neither will need for someone to support, educate and integrate it. + Bestbuy

BestBuy + Bitswift

Speaking of building trust in the brand, has products listed on where products are sold and shipped by “”. products arrive in good working condition and in a timely manner to Canadian based customers home or office where a Bitswift Tech Representative may be assigned to assist in the installation. is still considered in the very early stages of development, but it is setting up to be a very valuable sales and promo tool for Bitswift representatives.

We are building a network of tech savvy independent contractors creating a vast technical skill pool which we all tap into to provide the best solutions for our customers while working towards common goals.

PS. If you like tech, and the idea of running your own business, please fill out the form to sign up to be Bitswift.rep in your area:

Dedicated Bundler

A few months ago we brought a dedicated Bitswift bundler online to ensure transaction fees on the Bitswift blockchain remain minimal. For those who don't know, bundling is the equivalent of mining or staking on other Blockchain networks. On Bitswift, instead of staking or mining you could set up a community bundler which essentially packages Bitswift transactions on behalf of your peers and submits those transactions to the Ardor parent chain where Ardor forgers secure it permanently into the public ledger. Bundlers are rewarded with a transaction fee in Bitswift tokens for helping package Bitswift chain transactions. This fee is customizable and set by the bundler operator at any rate they want.

The Bitswift company bundler is currently setup and running here: BITS-3CDV-TKAY-RMFN-DJWCG.

You can see that it is processing Bitswift chain transactions at a rate of 1 which is the equivalent of 0.01 Bitswift token fee per base transaction. This means it currently costs 0.01 Bitswift tokens to perform any write action on the Bitswift blockchain. Write actions include sending tokens to another user, registering an alias such as your name or business, or simply sending a private message to another user.

We plan to keep this bundler online to ensure that transaction fees on the Bitswift blockchain are kept minimal for the users, however there is no stopping someone else from setting up their own bundler at a lower rate and earning the passive fee in Bitswift tokens for assisting in the process of processing transactions.

Forging pool

You can receive the payouts for forging pool which happen 15th of every month. Check the where we provide transparent information about Forging pool stats. If you have some Ardor in your account that you’re not using, try leasing it and earn some passive crypo tokens! Our forging pool numbers are up as more users are contributing their stake, so get with the program and join the others who are leasing to the LZLZ forging pool.

18 Forgers on Bitswift LZLZ Pool


On the topic of being Social, there is an Ardor focused AMA happening on July 17th 2019. Feel free to partake, and ask your questions to any of the developers behind any of your favorite projects on the Ardor platform.

Join us on other social platforms!

That’s it for the today’s monthly update. Please join us on other social platforms to support the development and help the community grow.


Discord :



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“A politician thinks of the next election while a leader thinks of the next generation.”

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Official news relating to Bitswift digital ecosystem.

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