Bitswift Community Update — March 2020

Bitswift Community Update — March 15, 2020

Hello Bitswifters,

Welcome to another edition of the Bitswift monthly community update, the place where you can catch up on all the good things going down at Bitswift.

This month we have some really awesome developments to share with you, we announce some key members of our team, and announce the details surrounding our Remote Agent software which is already out there being used by real businesses to protect and manage their tech infrastructure. So grab your fav can of soda pop, some popcorn, sit back, and relax as we dive deep into this past month’s developments. continues to grow as new community members join the platform weekly. We are coming very close to the 1000 registered users mark which is quite exciting when you think about it as the community population is that of a small town. It will be interesting to see where we will be in a year from now but my guess is that there will be more people participating, more assets on the platform, and more use cases for CASH token. Stats

To re-cap, is a crypto-gateway and enterprise-grade crypto- faucet which allows users to generate and claim free crypto assets daily. The platform provides a great way for new people to get into crypto & blockchain without any risks or cumbersome bottlenecks such as dealing with exchange verifications, learning trading tactics and exposing themselves to possible identity theft. The platform interconnects different blockchains through the use of pegged assets which allows external assets to be utilized on the Bitswift blockchain and vice versa

#CASH Digital Asset

The platform also packs its own crypto-currency known as #CASH token, where all users of the platform are able to obtain 100 units per day as an experiment for a community-driven Universal Basic Income. CASH is unique in the way that its inflation rate is determined by the number of users deciding to use it. As more people participate more CASH will exist, it truly is inflation by way of participation. Now while the inflation rate is uncapped (meaning there is technically no cap on the number of CASH tokens that will ever exist), there is still a cap on how much CASH anyone can claim in a given time period. That number is exactly 100 CASH tokens per 24 hour period. CASH’s inflation rate is limited by time. As more people join the community and bring value to it, so more CASH will exist to ensure they will have the resources to participate.

Orecoingames #CASH integration

We have been increasing CASH’s utility the last month with the ability to use CASH to advertise directly on the platform. As well, you can now utilize your CASH on an online gaming site where you can deposit your #CASH tokens to play some casino-like games and hopefully win.

CASH is also one of the most actively traded assets on the Ardor platform. This might mainly be because everyone has the opportunity to generate and claim CASH from the platform. Opportunity, Inclusion, and Equality are all words that represent CASH token, so we are glad to see people actively trading this crypto asset on the decentralized exchange which is accessible from everyone’s blockchain accounts through

Community. Assets. Secure. Holdings. — C.A.S.H.


As some may know, Bitswift operates an Ardor forging pool as a key element to its business model. For those who don’t know, forging is the equivalent of mining or staking in comparison to other blockchain networks. Generating the digital assets our apps need is essential to ensure Bitswift apps can remain affordable to operate within this decentralized economy.

We are very pleased to report that despite the recent price tank in the markets, the LZLZ pool is breaking all-time records with respect to the number of people participating, the number of blocks being solved, and the number of fees being earned.

Everyone can transparently check the forging pool stats here:

Things have escalated rather quickly as the LZLZ pool is now ranked among the Top 6 Forging accounts throughout all of the Ardor platform. You can verify this information using a 3rd party blockchain explorer such as Ardor Portal:

Congrats to the following accounts for being badass community members by leasing their balances to the LZLZ pool and earning those free monthly crypto rewards:

Forgers rewarded on Bitswift LZLZ pool

And here is the transparent proof:

Total paid out: 393.37922929 ARDR
Created 7 ARDR transactions

Transaction Hashes








Right now there is a promotion going on with the LZLZ pool, so not only have these forgers earned transaction fees in Ardor, they also earn rewards in Bitswift token just for partipating.

Hats off to all of you who continue to lease your balances to the LZLZ pool making it a success for everyone involved. We appreciate it!

Trading Competitions

Speaking of promotions, there are currently trading competition promotions going down on both and on the Bitswift markets. There is an estimated $2000 USD worth of Bitswift tokens to be won from these trading tourneys so be sure to participate on the markets and create the most volume to earn your chance to win the bounty.

On STEX there are active ETH/BITSW and BTC/BITSW markets (note the ticker for Bitswift on STEX is BITSW)

On there are active BITS/BTC markets.

More information relating to these trading competitions can be found at our partner’s pages here:

Bitswift Company Developments

As some may know, there is a legitimate technology-based company operating behind the scenes of the Bitswift blockchain. has seen an extreme amount of growth within the last 2 years, servicing both businesses and individuals providing them with the technology solutions they require. The Bitswift team have been busy developing customer relationships all the while building trust in the Bitswift brand.

Nigeria Expansion

Recently expanded through its partners and representatives into Nigeria. Bitswift Tech NG now exists as we are actively providing Nigerian business based customers with their technology solutions. — NG

We are still working to polish the NG website but its slowly coming together and we are free to drop the link here for those who may be interested:

The Team

Bitswift Tech is composed of a network of independent contractors who work collectively together to deliver technology solutions that fit businesses or individual specific needs. We are ready to present to you some of the real people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make Bitswift possible.

Bitswift Tech Team

If you feel that you would be a good fit for Bitswift Tech please send us an email and let us know what skills you can offer. A reminder, Bitswift is not a 9–5 job, its a collective of independent contractors who work under the Bitswift umbrella following the same business engagement protocols. Representatives work with each other through a shared skill pool providing technology-based solutions designed to increase business efficiency and profitability for business customers.

Remote Agent

This has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here, that is the details pertaining to our Bitswift Remote Agent Software which is currently already deployed across many customer locations proactively protecting their business systems.

Now, this might come as a surprise to some but… Bitswift Remote Agent is NOT designed for crypto-users, or for techies, but for people who really don’t know much about computers, tech, or crypto at all. It’s designed for people in other industries so that they can continue to focus on what they are doing best instead of worrying about the health and security of their systems.

Bitswift Remote Agent packages reputable and reliable tech support as a subscription-based service, but it’s much more than that. Bitswift Agent packages all the leading industry applications and licenses designed to protect end-users security, privacy, and data in the digital world. We have partnered with some big and well-known players in the technology sector to provide our customers with top tier solutions for protecting their data and systems.

To provide the best product and service you have to partner with some of the best in the industry. Among our partners are ESET, Acronis, ConnectWise, Sophos, Microsoft, and Google.

Bitswift Remote Agent customers take advantage of managed security solutions through ESET, encrypted Cloud Backup through Acronis, enterprise-grade remote access through ConnectWise Control, and complete proactive endpoint automation and management through Automate. Remote agent customers also gain access to reliable and reputable tech support designed to assist them and provide swift and professional solutions for any technical problems that may arise. When you are a Bitswift Remote Agent member you can rest assured that your device and data are protected and that someone reputable on the other end is available to assist when needed.

Bitswift Remote Agent software is well suited and already deployed across the following client verticles.

  • Government Facilities (Public facing computers)
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Home Builders
  • Retirement Homes
  • Self-employed and mobile individuals
  • Co-Workspaces
  • FireAlarms / Suppression and other Emergency Type Services
  • Home users
  • Restaurants
  • Event Venues

Now enough with all the description and details already, here is the actual website that describes everything:

Closing Comments

We have been busy over here at Bitswift, working hard daily (and nightly) to bring you all only the best. We are building trust in the brand and its products and services which will be a key component to the future longevity of the Bitswift project.

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