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Bitswift Community Update — May 2019

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the Bitswift monthly community update, the place where you can read all of the newest updates regarding Bitswift. This month we will be discussing some major decisions that we made and how it’s progressing with the general development of the Bitswift ecosystem.

Bittrex Delists Bitswift

You probably heard that Bittrex delisted Bitswift token market from their exchange. On April 20th, they published a notice regarding the BITS/BTC market and that they will be removing it from their exchange. .

We were incredibly surprised with this since we had a very good relationship with Bittrex and they even supported our blockhain upgrade to Ardor platform which can be seen here: .

We received incredible support from our own community which tried to keep us listed on Bittrex, but Bittrex persisted that our market needs to be removed due to low volume concerns. We covered this entire event on our Medium post which can be found here:

As we said in our last Medium post, we would like to thank Bittrex and their team for supporting us throughout the years. It was pleasure working with their team and some day in the future, we might have the opportunity to work with them again.

Nevertheless, now is the time to continue with our development and keep moving forward.

Bringing BTC to the Decentralized Exchange

Since the recent Bitswift delist from Bittrex came to us a surprise, we realized that there are no more exchanges where Bitswift can be traded using the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. We also realized we don’t want our community to be relying solely on any external centralized exchanges. With that said, we already support a fully functional decentralized exchange which is accessible through everyone's blockchain account, although there is no Bitcoin assets there to trade with (yet). Currently on the DEX there are markets for Bitswift tokens to other assets such as:

· AEUR/BITS (Euro pegged token market)

· ARDR/BITS (Ardor market)

· IGNIS/BITS (Ignis market)

· MPG/BITS (Max property group token market)

· CASH/BITS (Community Asset market)

· SLS/BITS (SLS hosted asset market)

· CDN/BITS etc. (CDN hosted asset market)

Community Assets ( trading with Bitswift tokens on the DEX.

We feel like BITS/BTC is the most important trading pair that needs to be added so we are focusing most of our development power into integrating this pair into the Decentralized Exchange. With the connection between BTC native chain and the Bitswift chain happening through the platform.

Trading on the dex is very secure, as you can securely trade assets between parties in a purely p2p manner. It is also very convenient that the Decentralized Exchange is built into the protocol, making it easily accessible for any user or app running the Bitswift chain.

As always, it is recommended for you to hold Bitswift tokens in your own blockchain account so that you can guarantee the safety of your own assets. This way you can be sure to avoid potential exchange hacks in which hackers or malicious operators disappear with all of your hard earned digital assets which we have seen happen time and time again. updates is working perfectly and it keeps running without any issues or down time.

The number of Verified and Registered Citizens keeps steadily rising. Currently there are 175 Verified Citizens and 320 Registered Citizens. Comparing to the last month when there were 163 Verified Citizens and 288 Registered Citizens, the number of Verified Citizens increased by 12, while the number of Registered Citizens increased by 38. This is a very good indicator that while considering events that happened this month, Bitswift community still keeps growing strong.

Not only is the population increasing on this digital sovereign nation known as, but so is the number of claimed assets. The rates of claiming for BITS, CASH, SLS, CDN and IGNIS increase month to month. This means that digital Citizens remain active while using the platform month to month.

Total number of tokens claimed since launch of — Rounded up.

Another interesting statistic above that shows how much each of the claimable assets have been claimed in total by citizens on platform.

Some may consider this a faucet type service, but we like to think of it more so as a community driven basic income pilot project and a tool to get reputable assets out into the hands of new communities. In addition to this, the platform functions as a bridge or gateway service, interconnecting different blockchains and allowing external data to transverse onto the Bitswift chain and back.

There are no trading or technical barriers for users on, so sign up and start claiming in the assets in the Item Mine.

Mobile application

Bitswift Mobile App

Something that we also spoke last month was that we’ve been planning a mobile application that is going to integrate our products and services. The main functions of application will be:

· Communication with for user information

· Ability to send and receive assets via SMS

· Ability to trade on the decentralized exchange

Making token ecosystems easily accessible has always been a core component, and the mobile app has its place and purpose. The application will be very user friendly and is going to integrate and simplify a lot of functions of the Bitswift blockchain and put it directly into the end users hands.

LZLZ Forging pool

You can receive rewards for forging in our pool which happens on the 15th of every month. Check the where we provide transparent information about Forging pool stats. If you have some Ardor in your account that you’re not using, try leasing it and earn some passive crypto rewards! We are probably boring you with telling you about this forging pool every month but we will let the famous Latin proverb: “Repetitio est mater studiorum!” speak in our defense.

If you wish to participate and receive monthly rewards, lease your Ardor to: ARDOR-LZLZ-7PT2–7YRP-2QS2H

Top Block Generators — Bitswift LZLZ pool climbing the list

Also, it’s important to note that our LZLZ Forging pool keeps on growing as it can be seen above, and we are slowly moving up the list of Top Block Generators! Let’s keep this up!


We have been super busy and swamped with work over at This company has really taken off in the last year or so with supporting business users and their technology infrastructure. Mainly we have some bigger jobs on the go installing larger scale networks and servers for business customers that involve completely new infrastructure or overhauling existing ones.

Our company integrates technology into businesses making them more productive and profitable and so it will only make sense that we are integrating our blockchain into businesses so that everyone may realize the benefits. Our company has established many customer relationships since its genesis in 2017, and we are growing daily. Lets face it, technology is not going to go anywhere anytime soon, and neither will the need for someone to support and integrate it.

We are building a network of contractors operating under the Bitswift brand to establish meaningful relationships with our customers, to educate and support them on technologies which may benefit them and to further integrate these technologies into their daily lives. How does a blockchain get into business ? Someone will put it there of course

Another network being installed into Business by

Development of is ongoing. With the addition of our new database system the shop is now tied into 1000s of tech products drop shipping across Canada, all of which are available to purchase using your fav cryptos. The most recent sale on our shop was for a pair of Corsair Headphones and the user checked out using Canada-E Coins, so that is pretty cool we think :)

Next stages for our shop is to join the Bestbuy marketplace and begin selling our products on, further building out trust in the Bitswift brand, its products, and services.

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That’s it for the today’s monthly update. Please join us on other social platforms to support the development and help the community grow.


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