Bitswift Community Update -October 2019
Oct 15, 2019 · 6 min read

Hello Bitswift Community,

Welcome back to another monthly community update, the place to keep informed with all the latest developments and progress relating to the Bitswift ecosystem. This month we focus on some of Bitswift products and services as well as give some insight into the new version of Bitswifts block & market explorer, so hang tight, hold on, are you ready kids ? I can’t hear you!


Hack for Heritage

On October 24th members of the Bitswift Team will be attending the Hack for Heritage event hosted in Kingston Ontario. The goal here is to design a mixed reality application that relates to heritage. Further extending on the goal we thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase how the Bitswift blockchain can be used in synergy with other innovative technologies like AR / VR. We are still at the very early stages of developing this project and how it will unfold but we do have some ideas and have already started piecing some of them together. Tune in with us next month to find out what the results are from this hackathon and to learn how heritage can relate to future technologies like blockchain and VR! If you are interested in learning more about this hackathon check out the website here:

Bitswift Africa:

Oluwaseun Adeyinka — Bitswift Nigeria

As some of you may know, Bitswift’s arms extend out into Nigeria as we have a local representative operating and making business connections out that way. Oluwaseun Adeyinka from Bitswift attended the Blockchain and Digital Asset 2019 conference along with our good friends over at Jelurida.

Topics discussed at this event included:

  1. Nigeria emerging & leading Africa as the next blockchain hub
  2. The role of Government in developing the Blockchain & Virtual Assets industry in Nigeria
  3. Bridging the talent gap in the Blockchain and fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies
  4. Role of Crypto-Assets Exchanges in Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies.

We have put a team together between Nigeria and Canada and through this we are developing out core Bitswift products and services, expanding on our knowledge base and increasing our brand exposure around the globe. Huge thank you to Oluwaseun for being a valued Bitswift representative, be sure to say hi to him in our social channels!

Bitswift.Cash Developments:

As you all probably know by now we have been working monthly on our blockchain interface and gateway, The platform was completely rebuilt on new infrastructure in an effort to redesign it for the purpose of attaching BTC and other digital assets to it. The platform will provide an accessible and easy to use interface for users wishing to swap digital assets between blockchains. What is cool about this is that we have also added many community and gamification options in an effort to give the platform interesting social functions. Gateway — New User Dashboard

The new (Version 2) will support achievements in the form of badges which can be unlocked for performing various actions. It also includes a reputation system which rewards the users based on their activities on the platform, and a referral system designed to ensure the platform can grow and that those who help facilitate growth can be compensated accordingly. We are very excited to announce these new features to you and can’t wait for you to be able to try them when we are ready to release the new version. GitHub Progress Indicator

Get ready for version 2, a blockchain gateway designed to make public blockchains and reputable digital assets more easily accessible. We have been working hard on it, its time is coming up.

New (community preview):

New Bitswift Black & Market Explorer

Along with, we have been working on Bitswifts new Block & Market Explorer. Earlier in the month we dropped a live preview link of this new explorer which you can check out here:

The new block and market explorer for Bitswift organizes the information better and make its more accessible compared to the current explorer. Information has been organized on relevant pages and expanded on to include relevant info all in one place. Completely new sections have been added, including a page dedicated to the LZLZ forging pool stats along with new graphs and latest block list on the home page. All addresses and transaction hashes are now clickable so that users can drill down to see all relevant information associated with each account address. The new explorer runs on completely new infrastructure which will be easier to maintain and upgrade as we move forward with developments.

Bittrex Wallet Delist:

Not really new news, but the time has come with Bitswifts account at Bittrex closing its doors as a result of Bittrex delisting decision back at the beginning of summer. In case you are not familiar with this news you can check out our previous announcement regarding this here:

It was this de listing decision that ultimately spawned the thoughts regarding bringing Bitcoin to Bitswifts own decentralized asset exchange, this way Bitswift blockchain users would never need to rely solely on 3rd party exchanges for exchanging BTC to Bitswift, better yet, users could use the decentralized exchange built directly into their blockchain accounts to exchange BTC in a p2p manner. We are glad we pursued this option and decided to integrate and bring Bitcoin to our product. We have come a really long way and nearing the stage where we will be able to start inviting community members to test drive it.

1 Bitswift (BBTC) = 1 Bitcoin (BTC)

What does not kill you makes you stronger. We will be launching another professional business product out of One that protects our users and adds value by making public blockchains and reputable digital assets more easily accessible.

Bitswift product developments:

Over at we have been working out the fine details related to our Bitswift Remote Agent Product. Bitswift Remote Agent is a member service which packages a suite of software designed for business professionals looking for proactive managed technology solutions. It also packages reputable support options which are provided by Bitswift representatives. We have spent the better part of a year now deploying agents and are happy to say we now have exactly 100 agents live and deployed protecting customers infrastructure. Now that we have had time to learn and understand the full capabilities of the application we are prepared to take it to the next step, and that it is to bring it to as many people as possible so we can help them increase efficiency and productivity while driving up their profitability offering the solutions they need to keep their devices proactively healthy and secure in the digital world. Be sure to check next month as the new site and digital brochure related to the Bitswift agents will be online.

Bitswift Remote Agent — Managed Tech Solutions
Member plans for every need

Well that is all for this months update, as per normal, keep rocking out, kicking ass, and chewing bubble gum. We will catch you on the next one.

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Closing Quote:

“One has to remember that every failure can be a stepping stone to something better.”

Colonel Sanders

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Official news relating to Bitswift digital ecosystem.

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