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Bitswift Community Update — October 15th , 2018

Greetings everyone,

While the entire crypto market seems to be tanking, we have not stopped working. We are back again with another community update for you. Welcome to the this months, monthly community update! :)

Bitswifts 4th birthday

The Bitswift blockchain had its fourth birthday on September 29th, 2018. If you are a registered user on our gateway service, you might have noticed a symbolic gift of 4 BITS (Bitswift tokens) you have received on your account on the day of the Bitswifts birthday.

Figure 1. user dashboard (

In new markets considered by many to be incredibly volatile, unpredictable and full of scam projects, we now have 4 years of developing honest projects, businesses, community, and a trusted customer base, as we head into the next phase of the token economy.

Over the four years it can be seen how Bitswift slowly grew and what stages it went through to get where it is today. Our foundations are now setup with businesses so that our products can properly interface with our customers. Our focus now on extending features on current products and building out a stronger customer base through our product offerings.

Figure 2. Brief Summary — Bitswift Developments

As it can be seen on Figure 2., in 2019 We plan to extend our current business models, customer base, and community. We are also planning to release multiple new products and services to increase the satisfaction of our customers. Of course, we also plan to upgrade and add new features to our existing products to make sure they are as awesome as possible! updates platform has been slowly growing and we are proud to say that we have reached more than 100 users on it. On this day, there are currently 128 citizens registered, among which 81 are verified. In comparison to the last month where there were 67 citizens registered among which 36 where verified, we are looking at a growth of 91% in total citizens registered and growth of 125% for registered citizens. The entire stats of the CASH token can be seen on the Figure 3. with current number of CASH claimed today, CASH on chain and the current price of CASH tokens.

Figure 3. stats

If you haven’t already registered, please register on and start claiming your CASH tokens daily to support the community driven universal basic income delivery concept on the blockchain. CASH tokens right now are sitting at a value of 0.35 BITS per CASH.

Now that the beta phase of the has been over, we are planning to expand further with adding new features to the platform.

Currently you are able to deposit BITS to your account using the Flexepin vouchers but we are actively looking into increasing the flexibility of the platform through additional deposit and withdrawal options. Long term we would like to see a decentralized marketplace and decentralized asset trading platform to motivate people to start using their CASH token as much as possible between each other, and for users to realize the benefits of the platform. We are also planning on adding alternative token support and the start of additional marketing and promotion for the entire platform as time permits.

Our shop is still online and doing well, serving Canadian customers with their technology products. We have just received some new Virtual Reality gear in stock, the HTC VIVE pro!, so go check it out and buy one because the prices are good and you can use your crypto to purchase things, and you know you want one for Christmas anyway!


We are still working on hooking up additional distributors and filling some categories with products but in time will become a trusted source for technology products and a dedicated sales tool for Bitswift representatives.

Bitswift Tech Representative Expansion

We have interest locally in Bitswift Tech and it looks very positive that we will be bringing another official tech on board in the Kingston, Ontario area who will help with technology installations and support for businesses. Bitswift Tech is still seeking Toronto area expansion, some users in and around Toronto have probably noticed the Bitsmobile coming out of the wood work in around the area. Stay tuned next month for more information regarding our brand and company expansion.

Figure 4. Bitswiftmobile (Company Service Vehicle)

Bitswift Tech - Community MeshNet

Bitswift tech has been busy deploying and supporting wireless mesh networks for businesses. We are still at the very starting stages of deployment, but over time our networks will grow. We envision a community driven city-wide intranet which could operate over pre-existing client infrastructure while providing a host of benefits to the business owners, their customers, and any local and remote citizens who may be visiting the area. Its still early for this project but you can see below that our community driven networks are growing through Bitswift.

Figure 5. Bitswift Tech MeshNet

That’s it for the today's monthly update. I hope you all enjoyed in it! Please join us on other social platform’s to support the development and help the community grow.

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Closing Quote:

The path that leads to what we truly desire is long and difficult,
but only by following that path do we achieve our goal.

-Master Splinter

Figure 6. Master Splinter