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Bitswift Community Update — September 15th , 2018

We are back at it again for the September monthly update. As always, our development team is very active and we have some exciting news that we want to share with you so let’s get started. launch

If you have been following our monthly updates you know that we have been talking a lot about CASH token and its usage. As you all probably know by now, CASH token is marketed as a digital currency on the Bitswift blockchain and its purpose is to facilitate an accessible token economy for new users interested in blockchain token markets.

We are excited to announce that is up and is currently running and open for registration! Our community there is growing quite rapidly and you are all invited to join it! Go to, register and start claiming your CASH tokens daily as part of a community driven universal basic income concept on the blockchain

Figure 1. stats

Currently we have 69 citizens registered. CASH token price is currently at 0.0057$ as it can be seen on Figure 1.

Registration in of itself is fairly easy and simple to do. All you have to do is click on Registration when entering the page and filling a simple form according to Figure 2. and Figure 3.

Figure 2. Registration on the main page
Figure 3. Registration form

When you have successfully registered and verified, you are ready to claim up to 100 CASH tokens per day. If you don’t want to register but want to see what the platform is all about check out our “unfinished” wiki for the product: :)

Purchasing Bitswift tokens on is fairly simple. All you have to do is redeem through Flexepin vouchers as shown on Figure 4.

Figure 4. Buying Bitswift using Flexepin

Flexepin vouchers may be purchased at venues such as Canada Post, Canadian Tire, local convenience stores, and even online here:

This makes an accessible low friction gateway to a token economy and is a huge step in our development process. This project also adds another practical business use case which will create synergy among the other business projects in the Bitswift ecosystem (,, and (forging pool))

The price of each CASH token is determined by the community using the asset. You can trade CASH tokens on the decentralized asset exchange available directly in your blockchain account accessible through the web wallet:

Additional CASH token stats can be viewed using : as seen in Figure 5.

Figure 5. CASH token market stats

Donations can be made to MrV for providing Ardor tools (ARDOR-2QHM-H99Q-8C9Y-C4XTN

Bitswift Tech — Toronto and Ottawa Expansion

The Bitswift team has been focusing on Toronto and Ottawa expansion and has been planning marketing and branding efforts to Toronto and Ottawa communities. We are slowly but surely building trust in the Bitswift brand while building a customer base that is counting on Bitswift to provide them professional technology installations & support.

If you are interested in launching your own tech business but not sure where to start, maybe check out, we are looking for motivated tech savvy individuals who are looking to add to a distributed team of technical talents.

You can check our Ottawa Instagram at

and also follow our Ottawa rep (Phillip) directly at

Be sure to follow our reps to stay in touch with the latest development happening at Bitswift. You can also read our Bitswift Tech client newsletters which are sent on the 15th to all of our active business customers.

Link: Bitswift Tech Client Newsletter

Forging pool

The Forging Power in September is 625,066 ARDOR. We are very glad that people continue to utilize our forging pool earning monthly rewards in the process. This month, Forging power is little bit lower than it was last month, but this is likely to some depression we had on the markets throughout the crypto-verse. Still, we project that the Forging Power will increase as Bitswift gets increasingly popular. Forging pool fees are used back to help facilitate Bitswift ecosystem growth. For example for ever 1 Ardor token we forge, we are able to bundle 100 base Bitswift transactions, this will help us keep lower bundler rates which means lower cost transactions between users. It is only beneficial to keep our forging pool going to reap the benefits of Ardor ecosystem design and we expect the pool to grow as more people find out about Ardor blockchain platform benefits.

Market rebounds at 8/27/2018

There has been a short and rapid rise in price of Bitswift tokens that happened on August 27th , with that it seems like our market has found a new floor in around the .22 — .25 cent USD per token mark. We are very happy that with providing the regular and transparent updates we are able to spark interest to other people and communities interested in blockchain token markets. The Bitswift team is working to deliver business products that bring value to our customers and community and we are on track to delivering only the best.

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Our community on Telegram and Discord are growing, so please join us there if you are at all interested in getting more involved.

That’s it for the todays monthly update. Please join us on other social platform’s to support the development and help the community grow.


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