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Bitswift Community Update — August 15th , 2018

Hello fellow Bitswifters, we meet again and it just happens to be time for our monthly community update. So rather than sit here dragging on this intro for no reason, lets get at it. :)

Binance news

Binance has added Ardor platform on its exchange. The news can be seen on following link:

Figure 1. Ardor Platform on Binance

This is incredible news for the Bitswift community, as it increases exposure for our products and allows new users to find the Bitswift ecosystem. All in all, this puts the Bitswift blockchain in a really good position with legs now on major exchanges such as Bittrex, Okex, and Binance. Part of our mission is to make the Bitswift ecosystem easily accessible, having connections to major exchanges is an obvious benefit to achieving this mission.

We would like to thank Jelurida for their efforts on listing Ardor platform on as many top tier reputable exchanges as possible. This helps child chains grow, and is another obvious benefit to launching your blockchain project under the Ardor platform. Check out for more info on their business products and services.

Bitswift Network API

We have been developing our own API behind blockchain interface The API will be used to communicate information that will be referenced throughout our apps. Our API will come in useful for future Bitswift products which are interfacing with data from blockchain and the blockchain token markets. It sounds like a small step, but it’s a giant leap in the right direction for some of the applications we have planned in the future.

Bitswift shop updates received a facelift as it can be seen on Figure 2. And 3. We have added, new categories, new products, new layout, new social options, and gave the site a fresh new look.

Figure 2. home page
Figure 3. Categories on

As it’s been mentioned in previous monthly reports, products on may be purchased with digital currencies such as Bitswift, Ardor, NXT, DOGE, CDN-E Coin etc. Users should choose the “Bitswift Merchant” option at check out when paying in alt-coins. The shop also accepts Bitcoin directly through Bitpay or Bitswift Merchant. Currently prices for all products are denominated in Canadian dollars (CAD) and products are shipping to buyers in Canada.

Figure 4. Bitswift Merchant (altcoin checkout)

Also it should be noted that the products seen on are just a fraction of the products that Bitswift Tech representatives have access to. So if you see some gear you like somewhere else, but its not on, just ask us, we can source it for you. products are also now also selling directly through Facebook. This increases exposure for our shop and creates trust in our brand, with users now able to purchase our products directly through the convenience of Facebook.

Figure 5. hooked to Facebook shop

There is currently a back to school promo on all backpacks on, so if you are looking for some back to school gear, be sure to check it out :

The Bitswift team has plans to expand on the shops distribution and product access to other social platforms in the near future.

Bitswift Tech Expansion Ottawa expansion is happening. As you read in our previous monthly reports, the Bitswift tech team has been focusing on Toronto and Ottawa expansion and has been planning marketing efforts to reach Toronto and Ottawa communities. Part of our goal is to build a coordinated support and sales team to promote, support, install, and educate on Bitswift products and services. With each representative operating their own business under the Bitswift umbrella, representatives can take advantage of shared communications, knowledge, experience, referrals, talent pools and much more.

If you are interested in launching your own tech business but not sure where to start, maybe check out, we are looking for motivated tech savvy individuals who are looking to add to a distributed team of technical talents.

You can check our Ottawa Instagram at

and also follow our Ottawa rep (Phillip) directly at

Be sure to follow our reps to stay in touch with the latest development happening at Bitswift. You can also read our Bitswift Tech client newsletters which are sent on the 15th to all of our active business customers.

Link: Bitswift Tech Client Newsletter

Figure 6. Phillip & Paul — Chilling out in Ottawa is going to be launched very soon, we are just working through the legals and ironing out bugs. The goal of this platform is to provide a low friction gateway to new users who are interested in blockchain and token markets while providing a model for a Universal Basic Income operated via community on the blockchain. With Ontario just recently cancelling its basic income pilot project (Bitswift companies operate out of Ontario), it sounds like the timing is perfect for a platform that operates through community instead of relying on a centralized authority.

Beta Testing beta testers have exported the first CASH assets to the blockchain and testing is ongoing as we prepare for production launch. The pairing CASH/BITS has been added on the decentralized exchange and people are now trading CASH token assets with other digital assets. Testers have also been playing with the Flexepin integration allowing users to convert seamlessly between CAD → Crypto using the Flexepin voucher system. The vouchers are available to purchase at Canada Post, Canadian Tire, and other local convenience stores in your area, which will make the Bitswift ecosystem easily accessible. Additional deposit methods will be reviewed and added to the platform in the future.

Figure 7. Flexepin Deposit windows —

Platform Updates

We have added transparency statistics to the dashboard such as the amount of citizens on the platform, and the amount of CASH assets in circulation. Future plans for this platform include a decentralized marketplace, additional deposit and withdrawal options, staking and interest features as well as listing CASH asset on other popular exchanges.

Figure 8. User dashboard details

If you are interested in platform and wish to purchase CASH tokens, please ensure you are trading the correct asset on the decentralized exchange. All of our supported assets are listed on including the asset ID and issuer account.

Figure 9. CASH asset stats —
Figure 10. CASH assets are trading on the decentralized exchange

LZLZ Forging

The LZLZ forging pool operated by Bitswift is still up and running with payouts happening on the 15th of every month. If you are leasing your Ardor balance to our pool you should check your account for any new payouts. Forging pool stats are transparent and available on Our forging pool is open to anyone with an Ardor balance, so if you are not leasing your tokens to our pool, what are you waiting for ?



Our companies and products are slowly growing along with our community and a trusted customer base. This is all because we have an experienced and dedicated team with access to a diverse set of skills, working on Bitswift related projects. We have created functional business focused on support and integration which facilitate our ecosystem growth. We have established meaningful business relationship which will help propel Bitswift to the next level.

We hope that we are able to provide you as much information as we can with every monthly update, and we hope you enjoyed reading this update as much as we enjoy building Bitswift.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

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