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Bitswift Community Update — December 15th , 2018

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the Bitswift monthly community update. Nice to catch you here just before the Christmas holidays and thank you in advance for your interest in Bitswift developments.

It has been a cold bear time of year for Crypto currency industry but that has not slowed down on developing out our products and businesses. is doing considerably well given that the platform has only been live and promoted for approx 4 months time. We are now close to 200 registered citizens, each claiming and creating crypto assets daily as part of a community driven universal basic income concept on the blockchain. In the previous months, we have added new assets in the item mine to claim, that being Canadian E Coin (a scrypt based digital currency targeted for Canadians) and Bitswift token claims. Most recently, we have added the Salus asset to the item mine family. Registered users may now claim 0.01 SLS tokens daily for a limited time. Please check out Coin Market Cap — for more information relating to SLS coin.

Salus Coin

A word from SaluS:

“SaluS is proud to be a partner and collaborator with the Bitswift team. We look forward to working together to bring better products and services that empower crypto communities and the people within them” -SaluS Team

The goal will be to continue to add reputable and established assets in the item mine so that all registered users can claim these assets where they may traverse and utilize Bitswift products and services.

So what does offer ?

  1. For users: It makes token markets easily accessible. Users claim their crypto daily. No friction, and anyone can participate. Users are not required to learn trading tactics, or go through extensive verification processes. Appeals to the non technical user who may be interested in blockchain and token markets. It protects new users by interfacing them with reputable assets which have a track record for active development and established communities.
  2. For blockchain community: It can bring tokenized assets and the greater community closer together, where now they may exchange with each other and bring a sense of unity among them to which they may work towards common goals.
  3. For asset developers: Token developers can promote and get their assets into the hands of a new growing community base that has been established.
  4. For increasing utility:External native assets can take advantage of any services or features related to the Bitswift blockchain such as the asset exchange and
  5. For future: It’s a step toward a larger goal of allowing hosted assets to flow between blockchains using Bitswift products.
  6. For Bitswift: It brings increased utility to Bitswift ecosystem. The platform also brings new users both from within the crypto sector and outside of it and introduces them to the Bitswift blockchain and related Bitswift products and services.
  7. For Society : It provides an experimental model for a community driven Universal Basic Income on the blockchain. — Blockchain Interface — New features

We have added some new features to the platform. Most notably the ability to automatically handle deposits and withdrawals of asset types to and from the Bitswift blockchain. A lot of work has gone into the back end of the platform to allow us to manage things easier and increase organization, security and reliability of the platform. We have a que of new features still yet to add which users will see come to fruition in the new year. Some of these features include some gamification and scoial options, utility for CASH tokens, increased account security, and the ability to automatically convert from Bitswift hosted assets to native chain and vice versa. These new features along with the continuation of adding additional item mine claimable assets will be sure to make for an interesting year next year for crypto gateway platform.


A reminder to all that is still an early stage experimental beta project, use it at your own risk, expect changes and some down time as we actively work to bring this product into a finalized form.

Forging Pool

If you have Ardor tokens on account you should be leasing it to our forging pool for a chance to earn passive crypto tokens from the Ardor blockchain. Everyth 15th on every month our forgers are receiving a credit in Ardor tokens proportional to their leased balances. Our pool is growing with additional users and increasing leases as time moves on. Details about the Bitswift forging pool can be found on our block and network explorer:

Bitswift Technology Solutions — Winter Snow

As you may know, there is a technology installations and support company operating along side the Bitswift blockchain. We are pleased to say that Bitswift Tech is growing quite nicely both in respect to new customers, representatives, products and service offerings.

Most recently established new customer relationships with local non profits and will be managing their technology infrastructure as part of a managed technology solutions contract. With the addition of this new customer we now have close to 100 Bitswift agents online. If you are curious what the Bitswift agents are, you can check our wiki . Our customer base is growing and we are building trust in the Bitswift brand, its products and services.

Bitswift Tech sales, support, install and education force is expanding. We have new reps on boarding in Kingston, Ontario and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. These representatives join the pre existing reps operating in Ontario and Nigeria. Bitswift representatives assist customers with their technology requirements and support them making important business decisions when it comes to the tech at the workplace. We are building a tech savvy network of independent contractors who are passionate about emerging technologies and integrating them into businesses in manners that help them. If this sounds like something you are interested in, maybe check out and sign up to become a bitswift.rep in your local area.

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