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Jan 16 · 5 min read
Bitswift Community Update — January 15th , 2018

Hello everyone,

Happy New Years and welcome back! We are back at it again with another community update, the place to be to keep up to date with all things going down at Bitswift. We have been busy working as usual, and there are some updates for you, so lets stop reading this intro and get into it already. :) — Updates & Info

We continue to actively develop and focus on the platform . Each month the platforms community is growing with over 200 registered Citizens now claiming their CASH tokens and hosted assets daily. Ecosystem — Testing

Since we are adding multiple functionalities to the, we’ve decided to stress test the system to ensure everything we implemented is working properly before moving to the next stage of development. Our first stress test targets our deposit system. This stress test started 20th December 2018 and it’s going to last until 31st January 2019.

Currently the total amount of CASH tokens Deposited is 776266. To motivate the citizens registered to the we’ve decided to reward the 3 citizens with gifts who have the highest cumulative deposits.

The gifts are as follow:

  • 1st place — 1000 BITS + 5000 CASH
  • 2nd place — 500 BITS + 1000 CASH
  • 3rd place — 100 BITS + 500 CASH

Winners will be sent a personal message after the stress test is over and we have had some time to review the stats.

We hope that with these gifts there will be more incentive for people to participate in the important process of stress testing our deposit system. At the current time it seems like our deposit system seems to be handling everything automatically quite well as people continue to hammer it with deposits with minimal support requests opened.

Hosted Assets

Citizens on are claiming their hosted assets daily, this includes SLS (SaluS)and CDN (Canada e-Coin) tokens.

So what are hosted assets exactly ? Glad you asked.

Hosted assets are utility tokens, they allow tokens from external Blockchains to transverse to the Bitswift Blockchain where they may utilize features within the Bitswift ecosystem. Hosted assets can be claimed in the Item Mine and exchanged on the decentralized exchange through users Bitswift Blockchain account. They will also be able to be exchanged directly back out to their native chain through services.

Item Mine

The purpose of the item mine is to interface verified citizens directly to the tokenized assets in an easily accessible manner. This is accomplished by letting users claim their crypto assets by simply clicking the claim button. Its pretty easy, even my grandma can do it.

Claim your tokens from the Item Mine

To keep grandma happy we plan on bringing new assets to the Item after we finish testing our systems and after we have hooked up the native chains for both SLS and CDN. For now claim but don’t complain, remember these rewards probably wont last forever. As time moves forward and more citizens register we will be reducing the reward schedule for hosted assets ensuring that our hosted asset totals never exceed the balances of our native chain totals. The goal on increasing our native chain totals. We will bring these transparency stats to the front end of by way of the blockchain.

Support System

An important part of will be the support system for the people using it. This is why we have been working on which we will integrate into the platform as the new support system in a coming update. You can check it out early there if you have any questions relating to the platform. If there is something you want to know and its not stated there please feel free to ask us and we will add it.

LZLZ Forging pool

As you all already know, the payouts for forging pool happen 15th of every month. If you are leasing your Ardor balance to our pool you should check your account for any new payouts. You can check the where we provide transparent information about Forging pool stats. If you have an account with an Ardor balance, why let it wait when you can lease it and earn monthly rewards.

Bitswift LZLZ Ardor Forging Pool

If you want to participate and receive monthly Ardor tokens, lease your Ardor balance to: ARDOR-LZLZ-7PT2–7YRP-2QS2H

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That’s it for the monthly update, this one is short and sweet. Please join us on other social platforms to support the development and help the community grow.


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