Bitswift — March 2018 — Update

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We have been uber busy on the business front so it does not leave much time for writing blog updates but its about that time, so here we go.

Bitswift Websites:

We have released the new website This sets the new image and focus for Bitswift Technology Solutions. The site is focused on pulling together all of our products (our tech integration and installation solutions, the, and our blockchain products) along with focusing on our need for expansion through a distributed group of technology professionals.

We are also about to release our dedicated blockchains website. The site will sit at and will focus on the functions and features of our blockchain tech as well as showcase some of the products we are working on which will exist on top of the Bitswift blockchain as business services. We will be providing real use examples of how our blockchain may be utilized so that business who are approaching us which require blockchain requirements will have working models readily available for reference. Expect the new blockchain site online within the next week or two.

Along with these new website we will be making a huge marketing push for both Bitswift Tech and the Bitswift blockchain tokens. We will also be pushing marketing through traditional avenues such as local targeted magazine publications. It is going to be awesome!

New Representatives:

We are actively seeking new representatives across Canada to help us build out and support the Bitswift brand and Bitswift products. If you are a technology enthusiast or currently already operate your own tech support company you might be a really good fit for Bitswift Tech. We currently have interest coming in from Edmonton Alberta and Ottawa Canada, our hopes is to have a representative in every province within Canada by the end of the year. If you are interested in joining us please fill out the form here : , you can find a link of active and official representatives here:

Please keep in mind while filling out the application that Bitswift is not in the business of hiring employees, rather everyone is their own business and their own boss. We will be blunt and say we will not be a good fit for you if you have no intention of trying to run your own business. You require gumption and motivation if you want to become a profitable Bitswift representative.

TECH token:

Bitswift has launched TECH token which trades on our decentralized asset exchange currently in a 1:1 manner with Bitswift tokens. The details for TECH can be found here.: . In short TECH token is a rewards token that is granted to representatives and community members who are helping extend the Bitswift brand.

Currently official Bitswift Tech representatives are gifted TECH tokens as part of their bonus structure based on the amount of service dollars that is being invoiced to end customers. TECH token is also being gifted through community members who are actively participating in the referral program. What is cool about our shop referral program is that anyone in Canada can participate and earn passive crypto rewards through shop sales. If you want to sign up and earn 5% back in crypto on anything sold through your referrals please check it out : Currently active official reps are earning 10% and community earning back 5% commissions.

Our plan is to work towards growing a large enough community supporting and recommending the and to get the shop up to the level where it needs to be so that it is competing and eventually crushes Best Buy. Did you hear that Best Buy ? We are coming for you! If anything were to replace Best Buy it probably would be a large decentralized community of technology professionals. We know we have a lot of work ahead to reach these goals, but we also know its still early for and we are allowed to set goals, right ? Why shop at Best Buy when you can get the same thing from and earn crypto rewards in the process. Our prices are very competitive and we are shipping across Canada so check it out:

Remote Agent:

We have launched new products under Bitswift Tech specifically for the purposes of offering all inclusive and proactive tech support for individuals and business customers.

The Bitswift remote agent product packages tech support as a subscription service and we feel it is hugely beneficial for our customers. Bitswift remote agent utilizes the ConnectWise automate product which includes managed security software (ESET), offsite backup (Arconis), remote access software (Screen Connect) and a host of other benefits such as reporting backup and hard drive stats to Bitswift Techs dashboard so that we may proactively take action. We will be recommending all of our current and future customers to take advantage of our remote agent packages which make sense for both home and business users. To learn more about Bitswift Remote Agent check it out here:

The remote agent product comes as part of our new partnership through Connectwise. We are now utilizing the Connectwise automate and manage packages to help us facilitate and streamline business processes in a manner which brings value to both our customers and our business and that’s what we are all about.

Exchange Listings:

Currently you can purchase Bitswift tokens on Bittrex or on the Ardor Coin Exchange. We have been actively engaging with crypto exchanges in an effort to get additional markets supported for Bitswift tokens. We feel it would be largely beneficial if the Bitswift community would also step up and engage the exchanges in an effort for additional market listings. / Flexepin:

We are receiving an increased demand from the general public to purchase crypto tokens through us. For this reason we will be launching which will provide the accessibility options for our customers to easily enter the token ecosystem through Bitswift. will utilize the Flexepin voucher system in which anyone may locally purchase a Flexepin voucher and redeem it on in exchange for Bitswift tokens at market rate. This platform will also double back on an application which we are calling “Bitswift Basic Income / Equality” which will allow users to claim free crypto-tokens on a daily basis as part of a universal basic income concept on the blockchain.


Making our team accessible and growing community is always a top priority. Recently we have opened a few more social network channels that pertain to the Bitswift ecosystem. Most notably we have launched a Discord, Telegram and Reddit groups / chats.


Discord :



Bitswift companies, communities and products are expanding and we are becoming increasingly active. I am sure we are missing some points here, but hey whatever, lets keep it short for translation purposes.

Over and out.

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