Bitswift Swap on Bittrex — Summary


The Bitswift token swap was completed successfully at Bittrex Exchange on 8/15/2017. Bitswift token deposit and withdrawals were temporarily disabled while trading continued throughout the majority of the swap process. Bitswift users are now able to withdraw their Bitswift tokens to their NXT client, where they will remain a NXT asset until Ardors launch.


The original Bitswift asset creation representing the current Bitswift supply total was created in the amount of: 4,061,362.00000000

A 10% allocation of the Bitswift supply totalling 406'136.2 were moved to the account: NXT-2HKA-GTP2-ZBFL-34B9L to reserve for Ignis holder during Ardor snapshot.

A total of 2640820.2116949 Bitswift tokens were collected from the swap.

The old Bitswift tokens were collected from Bittrex at this transaction ID on the old blockchain:


The old Bitswift tokens collected from Bittrex can be found on the old blockchain at this address:

The new tokens were sent to Bittrex to this account:NXT-S42Z-ERET-QLMX-4JR77

A small amount of additional tokens were sent to ensure any transaction fees were covered (1.4 tokens) in addition to a small amount being sent back and forward between Bittrex and Bitswift co to ensure the new market was working properly.


The remaining tokens that have not been claimed as of writing total : 1'003'351.3623051 — This total includes a manual swap done for a user earlier today [8/16/2017] in the amount of 11047.826 which you can see on the old blockchain here:


We are well aware of some users who choose to stay behind to help move the old chain during this process. We would like to personally thank these users for their help, and provide them the opportunity now to manually swap in.

The cut off date for manual swapping will be October 14, 2017–6 PM EST. After this time you will no longer be able to redeem old Bitswift tokens and the old chain will become obsolete. An announcement will be made after this date describing how the remainder of the unclaimed tokens will be handled.

We have already completed one manual swap for a user to help define the process. Please follow the steps below for manual swap process:

  1. Email with the amount of tokens you have for swapping (this will open a ticket for your request)
  2. We will update the ticket with a Bitswift address we control existing on the old blockchain
  3. You will send the amount of Bitswift tokens you claimed to the address we post
  4. We will verify the tokens you sent are confirmed, and reply to the ticket with “approved”
  5. You will update the ticket with your NXT address and message if required to identify your account
  6. We will send you exactly the amount of tokens you sent us back to the NXT account you have provided

Ignis Holder Credit:

The Bitswift child chain token distribution for Ignis will be done as part of an automatic process during Ardor Genesis snapshot.

A big thank you to Bittrex for hosting the swap, and Jelurida for the opportunity to be part of the Ardor ecosystem.

Thank you for participating in the Bitswift Digital Economy. Together we will create positive change.