Bitswift Update

Hey everyone,

Another quick update from the Bitswift development team.

Bittrex Market:

We are all still eagerly anticipating the market re-opening on Bittrex exchange. Unfortunately our team has no updates from Bittrex as to when they will officially re-open the Bitswift market. We can only assume that the market will open in the very near future, and that Bittrex has been busy ensuring their system can securely support Ardor child chain transactions. As soon as we have any news at all from Bittrex we will release it on our official media sources (here) and twitter @Bit_Swift. There is no reason at this point to think that they will not re-open the market, so please avoid the FUD out there regarding the topic.

Business Progression:

We have been off to a really great start in 2018. We have released our block explorer and market cap info site at We have made some small additions such as the ability to see active bundler rates. We will continue to add new features to this block explorer such as the ability to search for aliases and open votes. Our block explorer also double backs as a fully featured client for the Bitswift blockchain. Clicking login at the top will allow you to access your Bitswift account, or create a new account if do not have one already. This web node will remain online and we will continue to maintain it to supply accessible and convenient options for Bitswift users.

More business:

Bitswift is hosting a presentation in part with the Queens University Blockchain Innovation Community (QBIC). More information about this event can be found at the meetup events page:

Queens Blockchain Innovation Community

The presentation focuses on Blockchain and Crypto-currency for business and we are hoping to be able to educate local businesses, Queens faculty and students on the benefits of Blockchain technology and what it can do for them. Bitswift will also be sponsoring future QBIC events as we feel their goals and culture are largely in line with ours. You can find out more about QBIC here :

The meetup is open to anyone so if you would like to meet our team please feel free to swing by and say hi.

More business:

We have a new representative coming on board who is also helping management over at The new reps name is Mike, and he operates out of the Niagara Falls, Canada area. Mike is also our new shop product manager as things are picking up with we require dedicated individuals to help keep things moving. Our shop is doing well, with orders picking up from both new and repeat customers. The is currently shipping tech product across Canada and customers are becoming familiar with the Bitswift brand. selling on

Products from will start appearing on, as we have signed up with them to have our product “Sold and Shipped by Bitswift” on This further drives the reach of Bitswift products and services and creates more value and trust in the Bitswift brand. Don’t forget you can purchase everything on with Bitswift and other supported digital tokens (only shipping to Canada for now, sorry!).

We have another official representative coming on board. Oluwaseun out of Nigeria will be the first official non-Canadian based Bitswift representative. Oluwaseun runs a tech business out in Nigeria and has already been helping us behind the scenes here with some web development work. Establishing local brand presence across the globe and building our physical support network are primary goals for Bitswift in 2018. We expect to bring more reps on board throughout the course of the year, each providing a local point of contact, a source of education and a face for the Bitswift brand and products. It is safe to say that our brand can expand internationally rather quickly when we are ready for it.

Our .tech wesbite is currently getting as extreme makeover / face lift, as well we are working on the site to establish the primary site for the Bitswift Blockchain platform. Expect both of these projects to finalize in the coming months.

Other dev stuff:

We are exploring a platform which we can call at this point “Bitswift Basic Income”, which will be our attempt at providing a Universal Basic Income on the Blockchain for anyone who wants to participate. The concept is simple, create tokens, and gift them to users who wish to claim them. Everyone will be allowed to claim the same amount of tokens per day and only up to a said maximum per day. We are looking at this platform to also provide the fountain services for the Bitswift network. Bitswift Basic Income project is still in planning stages, but it is one of the projects actively receiving our attention. This product will be Ninja launched like many of our other products, there is no set roadmap or timeline we are adhering to. We can eliminate some stress this way and work towards our goals without worrying about deadlines. We will release things when we consider them ready.

We will also be starting work on our Bitswift Tech Invoice Compositor (BTIC), this project will allow any Bitswift Tech rep to submit their invoices into the BTIC which hooks to our company billing system and invoices the end customer. This removes our admin from the tasks of invoicing and collecting payments. The end reps will be responsible for doing their own billing and the BTIC will collect payment from the end customer and transparently and autonomously provide the commissions and crypto- rewards to the servicing rep.

The BTIC is a bold move towards a Hybrid DAC system which we have been planning which hopefully can provide models for autonomous business implementations and decentralized workforce structures which will be present in the future. This system is essential to our future business operation where we plan to have a global fleet of professionals each operating their own business under the Bitswift brand while promoting and supporting Bitswift products and services. The Blockchain will play a key role in ensuring transparency and coordination among individuals operating on the DAC. We are hoping to have this system in place before 2018 is over as it will be cumbersome for admin to handle billing procedures otherwise as we continue to bring on new representatives.

Community Building:

We seem to have some interest blooming in China which is exciting as we have community helping to establish some brand presence there. , We will be pursuing opporuntites with community and businesses in an effort to further establish brand presence in China.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this update and especially thank you for your interest in the Bitswift ecosystem.