Community Update — August 2020

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Welcome back to another monthly update for the Bitswift community. I will be your host through this brief reading as we learn what Bitswift has been up to over the course of the last month or so. If you are eager to learn about the latest developments going down at Bitswift you are at the right place (even though it may not feel like it). So let’s get at it, shall we?

No more Community Update

Well, to start I would like to tell you all that there will be no more community updates. Yes, folks, that's it, its over, I am done writing these things. The dramatic suspense and anticipation of waiting to write the next community update are slowly crushing my soul, and my carpal tunnel just can’t keep up with the vigorous monthly writing demands. I have to put an end to it before it destroys my inner self and before I need an operation on my wrist. (pretty sure I already do. )

Now, whatever will we do without community updates? How will the people stay informed and in the know-how with all things going down at Bitswift? Well, I have some good news for all you who may care. The community updates are moving to YouTube and will be in Video format from next month onwards. What does that mean for you? It means instead of reading a bunch of text each month, you can just sit back and watch the video that will contain all the content you would read about anyhow. This also means Bitswift will start compiling a Youtube channel as it relates to Bitswift focused content. This channel will serve as the new hub for updating the community as well as providing detailed information surrounding Bitswift products and services.

It’s going to be fun, and I can’t wait to give my carpal tunnel a break, so be sure to check back next month for some Youtube Bitswift action.

Bitswift Tech is extremely busy as always it seems. This company is increasingly signing up customers to its managed service offerings“Bitswift Remote Agent”.

If you are not familiar with Bitswift Remote Agent please check out the website for the product here:

Bitswift Remote Agent is a product designed and delivered by Bitswift Technology Solutions. This product is installed across our business customer endpoints and is utilized to provide the end-user with the important applications they need to ensure their devices and data remain secure, healthy, and online in the digital world.

Bitswift Remote Agent packages the following applications:

  1. Screen Connect (ConnectWise Control) — This application is bundled with all newly deployed Bitswift remote agent installations. Control allows customers to connect remotely from wherever they are back to their own systems. It enables features like secure remote desktop and remote printing options. Best of all, it allows our representatives (Bitswift reps) to provide remote assistance to customers for remote device maintenance and helpdesk services.

You can learn more about ConnectWise Control here:

2. Acronis Cyber Cloud — This application is also bundled with the Bitswift Remote Agent software. It provides off-site cloud data backup and recovery services for important business information. The Acronis product protects customer's information in the cloud where it is encrypted and backed up. Best of all, customers on Bitswift’s managed services have their backups pro-actively reviewed and checked on regularly so that in the event of a disaster we know there is a working and functional backup solution in place to get the business data back online.

For additional information about Acronis Cyber Cloud check here:

3. ESET Security — ESET EndPoint Security is bundled with the Bitswift Remote Agent package. This piece of software provides direct endpoint security, antivirus, antimalware. ESET is known in the industry for being one of the best when it comes to pro-active threat management, so we partnered with the best to bring the best protection to our business customers.

For additional info about ESET Endpoint please check here:

ESET, Acronis, ConnectWise are some of the brands we have partnered with to bring the best to our Bitswift Remote Agent customers. The above software solutions, bundles with our automation software, and support compose the basis of our Bitswift Remote Agent package.

Bitswift Remote Agent could not have come at a better time. Now more than ever people are working from home as a result of the government-enforced economic shutdown. Companies are re-visiting their digital transformation strategies and redesigning the way their business processes work. Bitswift is setup and here to assist those looking to navigate the digital realm. With combined decades of experience in the tech industry, we are here to help connect businesses and users to technology which increases their efficiency and profitability.

We continue to make progress on the blockchain gateway product. Most recently we have been focused on developing a secure altcoin API so that we can easily hook standard Bitcoin-based altcoins into the platform. We have been working to hook up the SaluS blockchain which is long overdue for its native chain hook to Users can expect an active BITS/SLS market on Bitswift decentralized asset exchange as we get closer to hooking up the SaluS blockchain.

In addition to adding some altcoin action to the platform, we are also focusing on fiat deposit methods. Bringing back our Flexepin deposit option along with free Email Money Transfer deposits for Canadians are on the radar.

As always, Bitswift will connect users to their blockchain accounts where they may utilize features like Bitswift decentralized asset exchange which is already built into everyone's Bitswift blockchain account: Using the decentralized asset exchange always leaves the end-user in control of their digital assets and over time will be considered a viable alternative to some of Canada's other prominent centralized exchanges.

As we have an increasing number of customers asking us how they can get involved in blockchain-based crypto-assets we are actively building the gateway. Finally, things are shaping up to allow the easy addition of alternative chains and a direct fiat on-ramp into the platform. We are looking forward to it.


Our forging pool is still going strong. Month to month more people are leasing their forging power to Bitswifts pool for a chance to earn some passive crypto assets.

For additional information relating to the Bitswift LZLZ pool check here:

Congrats to the following Forgers this month for being awesome helping us crunch blocks and earning passive crypto-rewards.

3022 Blocks Forged the last 30 days


As always we appreciate you tuning in to learn what we have been up to, be sure to tune in next month where we will continue on giving my carpal a break and move to video update format.

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“Success consists of moving from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

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