Community Update — July 2020

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Welcome back to another edition of Bitswift Community update on this fine July 15th of 2020. If you’re looking for any new news and information relating to the Bitswift digital ecosystem, its companies, products, and services, you have come to the right place. So go on, indulge yourself, kick off your shoes, put your feet up, lean back, and just enjoy. While you’re at it turn on some Offspring on your compact disk player. Now that you have done all that, let’s get on with it already. Mobile App

Last month we hinted on a mobile app release in the works. This month we are glad to tell you that mobile app now exists and you can download it directly from the Google Play Store:

Our mobile app includes all the same features and services as the web version found at Users can claim digital assets daily and interact directly with their blockchain accounts while on the go, directly from any Android-based tablet or phone.

We have plans to release mobile app on the Apple App store as well, so hang tight if your an Apple fanboy.. even though Android is better, we won’t forget about you :)

CASH / BETH / BBTC — Bitswift Assets

Bitswift has created some of the more actively traded and useful assets on the Ardor platform. Among them are CASH, BETH, and BBTC, let’s talk about them swiftly for a bit.

CASH — Community. Assets. Secure. Holdings.

CASH asset was created when first launched (back in 2017). It was intended (and still is) to be used as a community-driven universal basic income project/experiment. A community-driven basic income project means that it runs independently and outside the scope of any pre-existing institutions, it runs by the willfulness of the community choosing to participate.

CASH asset makes a great way for those people who are interested in crypto to get their feet wet, simply sign up on and start claiming free crypto-currency, no mining or trading tactics necessary, it can’t really get any easier.

What gives CASH value?

CASH’s value is solely determined by the willingness of people to utilize it, nothing more and nothing less really. Each person choosing to claim and use CASH brings value to the overall system. The good news is that everyone has the potential to claim CASH tokens, so in that respect, if it includes everyone and people assign value to it based on this, then so be it.

CASH is unique in the fact that its inflation rate is driven by participation among the community. As more people join and bring value to the platform, the more CASH tokens exist. Verified users can claim up to 100 CASH tokens (max) per day. CASH can be exported out to the Bitswift blockchain where it trades on the decentralized exchange available through users Bitswift blockchain accounts:

What’s next for CASH?

We have been toying with the idea of a marketplace where users can sell products and services for CASH token. It is evident that if you want a stimulated economy, you should give people the resources required to do so. When it comes down to it, the CASH community asset experiment is still underway, and we have a long way to go, but at least we are heading in the right direction and it's great to see that CASH is one of the more actively traded assets on the Bitswift blockchain.

BBTC — Bitswift Bitcoin

Bitswift Bitcoin is another popular asset on the Bitswift blockchain. This asset is pegged 1:1 to Bitcoin. It can be exported and imported through the crypto gateway service. This asset bridges Bitcoin to the Ardor platform and it trades with other crypto assets on Ardor. Here is some more information relating to the BBTC crypto-asset:

BETH Bitswift Ethereum

BETH — Bitswift Ethereum

BETH is Ethereum on the Bitswift blockchain. It is pegged with Ethereum (ETH) in a 1:1 manner. BETH can be exported and imported through the crypto gateway service either to the user's Bitswift blockchain accounts or out to the native Ethereum chain. BETH trades with various other digital assets across the Ardor platform.

Here is some information relating to using the BETH asset type (Thanks Almonte):

Platform Growth

We have been noticing increased activity on all our social channels recently. New users are stopping into our channels to check things out, and the amount of users on grows daily. We can safely say that the Bitswift community has never been so big, and there has never been as much interest in Bitswift as there is now.

These are the charts we are following: visitor stats

Bitswift Virtual Office — Cryptovoxels:

Bitswift has set up offices and information in the decentralized world of Cryptovoxels. For those who don’t know what Cryptovoxels is please check out the website here:

To sum it up, its basically a virtual world where the players own all the content in the world. Players have free range to build whatever they want on the parcels they own.

Bitswift offices are located on the island of the Bronx, which is located in an up and coming neighborhood called “moon” in cryptovoxels. The Bronx is home to some of the most awesome builds, just check out the Zoo build as an example.,3U,47N

Bitswift virtual offices are located directly above the Dome and beside the Zoo. The dome is a focal point on the Bronx island for live events, gatherings, and the like. In fact, our friends over at just held an event in the dome last week that was very successful. — CryptoVoxels Display — viewed currently 1000 + times

All in all, we feel this is a good investment for Bitswift, not only is owning virtual property pretty cool and we are receiving great exposure here, but we are able to use it for business purposes which means its a business expense and tax write off. It is evident, things like virtual reality are going to be a huge thing in the future and its good to be setting up shop now in these virtual worlds which are the future of commerce and other social activities.

We have some ideas for using these offices in the future. For example, it would be super awesome if players could claim digital assets directly from within the Cryptovoxels universe without ever having to leave.

Please note our virtual offices are still under heavy construction but feel free to visit.. just make sure to wear your virtual hard hat.,12U,85N

Forging Pool

LZLZ pool is still going strong. Today is payout day for all the forgers who meet the criteria, so if you have been forging on the pool please check your balances for updates!

If you're not forging on the Bitswift pool, what are you waiting for? If you own stake in Ardor you could easily be generating some passive crypto by leasing your balance to Bitswifts LZLZ pool.

Congrats to all the Forgers this month for participating on the Bitswift pool, here are some stats for you:

1296 Blocks Forged the last 30 days

ARDOR-3GV8–8347-UD38-FNU2U 5.11190805

ARDR ARDOR-3T53-LEXK-KF5B-G5JJH 4.81039521


ARDR ARDOR-D5UC-G2PB-8827-BG3JS 12.35900625




Total Bitswift fees: 16.041068205050976 ARDR

Total paid out: 785.71755319 ARDR Created 7 ARDR transactions

Transaction Hashes








To learn more about the forging pool head over to:

Bitswift Tech

As some of you may know there is a tech company rolling behind Bitswift. Bitswift Technology Solutions has been busier than ever in the last couple of months as everyone seems to be transitioning to the digital landscape due to the COVID situation.

It seems many businesses are suffering due to the current situation of the government enforced economic shutdown. However, it appears like the tech companies are now working in overdrive as everyone shifts to work from remotely from home using all their tech to keep connected. Its been very busy for sure and there are no signs of slowing down any time soon. Let's face it, technology is not going to go away any time soon, and so neither will the need for people to support it.

Bitswift Tech is busy as usual supporting businesses with their technology infrastructure. We support small and medium-sized businesses with all their technology requirements. Everything from web and email hosting in the cloud, to new network installs, right down to blockchain-based app development, we do it all.

Bitswift Tech is composed of reliable and reputable independent contractors working collectively together to develop tech solutions for our customers. Our skill and knowledge pool is vast, and we are quite capable of solving most technical issues in a very timely manner. Bitswift is set up to assist customers with their digital transformation strategies and we are glad to help people with it. Things like physical distancing and digital transformations are sort of in our blood. ;)

If you need reliable and reputable tech support for your business or any tech-based products and services you can call on Bitswift Tech to assist. We are pros at providing managed tech solutions, device security, data backup, cloud-based hosting, and so on. Whatever you need, we are here to help.


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