Community Update — June 2020

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to another community update where you can get caught up to speed month to month with all things going down at Bitswift. We have some exciting developments to share with you all, so let's get at it. — Face Lift

We have been working on the front end to polish off some of the finer details. We have made some changes to the menu bar and general formatting of things. There have been some additions to the explorer section such as the ability to view previous poll results. We have been optimizing a lot of the code as it relates to the front end so that our mobile users will have an excellent and fully featured experience. — Mobile App

The front end updates are in preparation for a larger task which is our fully-featured Android app on Google Play store for Yes you heard that right, is coming to Android with its own convenient Mobile App, so you can claim your digital assets and interact with the blockchain conveniently while on the go. We expect our mobile app to be available in the near future so stay tuned in with Bitswift to find out when the app is available for your device. — BETH

Claimable Crypto-Assets only on

As mentioned in the previous community update, Bitswift has been working to integrate Ethereum (ETH) into This will make the ETH asset claimable on as well as hook ETH to the Ardor platform where it may be utilized across the Decentralized Exchange and greater Ardor ecosystem. The ETH asset on Bitswift is called BETH and she is pegged 1 to 1 with Ethereum.

You can find more information regarding the BETH asset on the Explorer:

OreCoin CASH Tourney:

Last month Orecoin Games hosted a CASH token tourney on their website The total prize pool was a total of 50,000 CASH tokens. That is the equivalent to 500 days worth of claiming on, wowzers that's a lot of claiming!

Congrats to OreCoin game-winners and thank you for participating in the Orecoin games CASH tourney. :

Welcome, all winners to the community! Enjoy your Community Assets and don’t spend them all in one place!


Prize pool of 50,000 CASH tokens distributed on

50,000 Community. Assets. Secure. Holdings.


The Bitswift forging pool continues to rock on month to month forging Ardor like a boss. A reminder that pool payouts are today on the 15th, so if you have been forging log into your account or check below to see if you received a forging pool payout from Bitswifts LZLZ pool.

Pool fees distributed proportionally to leasing power

Each month users are generating passive crypto revenue from the LZLZ forging pool, so if you have some Ardor on your account and you're not using it please consider leasing to the pool to earn some of that extra gravy sauce floating around out there in the crypto-verse.

Bitswift Tech — Managed Technology Solutions

Managed WiFi Networks by

As some of you may know behind Bitswift is a tech company dead set on integrating and supporting businesses with their technology requirements. This includes the integration and support of Blockchain Technology. Bitswift Tech has been on a roll the last couple of months installing managed networks for businesses. More specifically we are installing managed mesh wifi networks for various businesses around the areas we operate. We are also extremely busy helping businesses with their systems and general management of their tech infrastructure.

We have seen a huge influx in people working remotely from home due to the recent government-enforced economic shutdown. If anything, I think tech companies got busier over the COVID holiday season as more people are relying exclusively on their tech and remote work to go about their day.

Bitswift Tech, laying low, in the shadows.

Many of our customers are taking advantage of the fact that they have included Remote Access licenses to their PC’s using the Bitswift Remote Agent software. Bitswift Remote Agent is a valuable tool as it allows proactive monitoring and management of customers' endpoints as well as provides all the important licenses and software a business user requires to maintain their systems, and protect their important business data.

The current Bitswift Remote Agent Stack includes:

These apps are deployed through the Bitswift Remote Agent software protecting the business endpoints, while offering a suite of software designed to protect business systems. Best of all, customers on our Agent packages gain access to swift, reliable, and reputable tech support with most tech issues resolved within the hour remotely by one of our experienced Bitswift Tech representatives. If you would like to learn more about our Remote Agent software check out our site and see for yourself:

Bitswift Tech partners with Lenovo for its marketing efforts. Those who are interested can check out our latest Bitswift Tech Update which goes out each month to Bitswift Tech customers and covers various technology-related products and services.

Bitswift Tech Update


Well, I think that’s all for this month. Month to month it seems there is always something going on over here at Bitswift. We hope you will tune in next month to see where we are at. For now, we keep it cool, and lay low, because that’s the way it’s supposed to go.


Want to get social? Follow us on these social channels to stay in touch with the Bitswift development team:


Discord :



Closing Quote

We want happy paintings. Happy paintings. If you want sad things, watch the news.

― Bob Ross



Official news relating to Bitswift digital ecosystem.

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