Things to do while in Quarantine, as seen by Bitswift — Episode 2.1 : Free Crypto

Episode 2: Recap

Previously we reviewed how to set up and configure and Ardor server using WLS. We then configured that server to register with the new Smart Contract which will allow it to earn passive Ignis from the blockchain while the server is running.

You can review previous episodes here if you are interested:

In this episode 2.1, we will continue on with the theme “Free Crypto” and dive into some of the features and assets surrounding our crypto gateway & faucet platform, “”.

What is ? is a platform operated by Bitswift & Co that makes the token economy easily accessible. It connects users to different crypto assets easily. The platform is also a gateway as it connects users to different blockchain networks and interconnects different chains utilizing pegged assets. For example, a user can deposit Bitcoin (BTC) into and trade it on the decentralized asset exchange built into the Bitswift blockchain ( The opposite is also true where someone may obtain BBTC from the decentralized exchange and export that asset out to the Bitcoin blockchain in a 1:1 manner.

If you want to learn more about this BTC pegged asset check out this awesome walkthrough created by user @almonte in the community:

We have been working towards hooking up other altcoins to so they may also utilize functions and services on the Bitswift blockchain. Currently, we are working towards finalizing our altcoin API which we will use as the baseplate for connecting other standard altcoins.

The platform also serves as a reference for other businesses or individuals who may want to understand the capabilities of the Bitswift blockchain. It highlights some of the Bitswift blockchain's features such as the ability to create digital assets, preserve information, track digital rewards, and reputation points. These are some examples that can be deployed on the blockchain and showcases these features.

Now enough of the lecture, how can we use to obtain Free Crypto?

Onward Free Crypto!

As mentioned earlier, not only is a Crypto-Gateway utilizing pegged assets, but it also supports an integrated Crypto-Faucet. This means users have the ability to generate and claim free crypto-assets daily directly from within their account, users can even generate and claim BTC!

Follow these steps to sign up and start claiming:

Step 1. Register

Skip this step if you already have a account.

Create an account on at the following link:

You will be sent an activation email, so be sure to check your email to activate your account.

Step 2. Verify

Skip this step if you already have a account.

After logging in for the first time you will land on the holdings page. Click the Profile button to continue with account verification.

You will need to verify your account in order to generate and claim crypto assets on the platform. Luckily verification is super easy and can be done through your mobile phone.

Type your mobile number into the verification field and click the Save button.

After clicking Save your phone should receive a special code from services, type the 4 digit code you receive in the “Verify Mobile Number” field and choose again to Save.

If all was completed correctly your account will now be verified. You are now considered a verified citizen. Congrats and welcome to our community! You are now eligible to generate and claim assets such as BTC and CASH token on the platform.

Step 3. Claim

Now that your account is verified you can navigate to the claim page by clicking the Claim button in the top menu:

Notice the list of eligible assets that you are entitled to claim for your portfolio.

Step 4. Profit

Now just click the Claim button on each asset within the list.

Check it out, that was easy, wasn't it? Now you have crypto instantly, and it did not cost you a cent.

Not to mention, it did not require extensive trading tactics, it did not require learning about wallets or worrying about compatibility, it did not require expensive mining gear or anything of the sorts. Quite simply, it required a cell phone and a web browser and now you are now connected to the token economy. You can now take the time to learn about these crypto-assets you have claimed, why they may be useful to you, what their projects and ecosystem is all about. Perhaps none of that matters, so feel free to export them to your blockchain account where they may be sent to other users or saved and traded for other digital assets in the greater token economy.

Give me more:

After clicking the Claim button on your assets you may notice in now looks more like this:

The claim button is gone and in its place a timer. Also some other values such as Current Claim and Max.

Here is what it all means:

Current Claim = The amount the user has generated and awaiting to claim.

Claim = The duration of time until the user can claim again.

Max = Total maximum of assets which can be claimed in a 24 hour period

You can also click on the ticker icon for each asset to learn a little more about that particular asset. For example, here is the extra info on the CASH asset:

There are other digital assets that users can unlock on

For example if you navigate to the home page you will notice Reputation points and Badges associated with your account.

Reputation points are unlocked each time the user generates any claimable action on the platform. This also applies to the user's referral, where the user will earn reputation points for each of his referred friends or family's actions. So use your referral ID and start recommending the platform to stack Reputation points.

Another digital asset, Digital Badges, can also be unlocked when the users accomplish specific tasks.

Surely there will be some nice rewards when the user unlocks the full set of badges. No one has achieved the level and milestone of Badgemaster to date, and so it largely remains a mystery what that reward actually is.


Well, thanks for tuning in again for another episode of Things to do while in Quarantine. We hope the information can be helpful to some of you in some way. Surely there are more ways within the Bitswift ecosystem to harvest passive value from the token economy, so tune in next time where we will learn how community members can be transaction processors on the Bitswift blockchain as we dive into Bundling Bitswift transactions.

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