Roger Ver Lies

SO exhausted with anti-Ver trolls like yourself. Find another scapegoat to hate. The reality is that Bitcoin Cash is needed. If it wasn’t, it would never have had the support necessary to fork, and retain its value weeks afterwards. Unlike you, I am a “calm” and impartial observer. I recognize your hatred of Ver as nothing more than a way to further your bias and philosophies about how Bitcoin should (and shouldnt) evolve. As for Roger himself, I have analyzed this guys comments fully and its obvious he wants the best for Bitcoin. He just disagrees with your militant close-minded way to accomplish it. That’s why you guys hate him. And the intelligent ones are aware of that. You’ll succeed fooling the dumb ones, and those who don’t bother to research however. Dishonest, shady, and inappropriate way to handle a difference of opinion. Kudos to your mom for raising you wrong.

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