The last few weeks have been quite eventful for the crypto community to say the least. To remain in line with all the global development and to prepare for our upcoming 1 year anniversary after the ICO we have a couple of updates in store for our community.

New Exchange

Bittwatt has officially acquired a fully regulated Estonian Exchange as part of our expansion plans. As for this acquisition, we are now able to exchange crypto to fiat and vice-versa easier than ever before. …

It has been three months since the official launch of the Bittwatt Platform and the first results we have received are nothing but positive. Lots of new users have registered, people started making deposits and even creating their own pools. Trading has gone LIVE, so we can finally state that Bittwatt is now 100% active and operational!

For those who haven’t tried it until now, we would like to remind you guys that the platform can be used through its dedicated website ➡ downloaded from the Apple Store / Play Store for mobile usage.

After many months of hard work from each and every single member of the Bittwatt team, alongside the amazing support of our dedicated community, the idea behind Bittwatt has finally materialized into a solid product that is ready now to be revealed to the whole world!

It is with great pleasure to make the announcement that everyone has been waiting for — Bittwatt Trading is now LIVE and ready to welcome its users!

Everyone can now use the platform by accessing its dedicated website ➡ or downloading the Mobile App directly from our website, for both iOS and Android usage.

For those of you who have just heard about the Bittwatt Trading Platform, let us tell a few things about it:

Bittwatt Trading is the first trading platform in the world that uses blockchain technology and allows energy trading. …

As one of the most appreciated American artists of all-time used to say. Christmas is probably the most awaited holiday in the world, it is the time when we all forget about our everyday problems and just focus on spending quality time with all our loved ones.

At Bittwatt, we consider all the members of our community as our family. This is why besides keeping you informed about everything that happens within the Bittwatt Ecosystem, we also want to reward you for the amazing support that has been shown throughout the year.

Introducing this year’s Holiday Event — The Bittwatt Trivia Contest

With each passing day we get closer and closer to the moment we’re all waiting for, the official launch of Bittwatt Trading, the first trading platform in the world that uses blockchain technology and allows energy trading.

We want everyone to be fully prepared for that moment, so we will be continuing the series of articles dedicated to the presentation of the platform and its unique features.

If we were to describe subject of today’s chapter in only 2 words, these would definitely be Advantage and Profit.

Without any further ado, let’s find out what the Bittwatt Trading Bonus System…

As many of you know already, listing BWT on top exchanges was always one of our priorities. Even though our main focus in the past months was related to the official launch of Bittwatt Trading, listing our token on new exchanges has never gotten out of our sight.

This is why we are now doing our best to get listed on CoinEx, one of the most trusted and secure crypto exchanges nowadays.

Since the beginning, Bittwatt has enjoyed wonderful support from its amazing community. In order to get listed on CoinEx, we need the input of our community. …

Fast and efficient energy exchange, payments, trading, money transfers, virtual POS, these are just a few features on which Bittwatt works for its users, in order to provide them a future in which they worry less and have more time for what actually matters.

We are proud to put another brick on this solid wall we are building by presenting you our latest project, Bittwatt Trading, the first trading platform in the world that uses blockchain technology and allows energy trading.

The main features of our platform incorporate Energy Exchange, multiple types of Trading, as well as the traditional characteristics…

As always, Bittwatt strives to accomplish the development of an energy ecosystem meant to fulfill the consumers needs in terms of supply. In alignment with this, we are now preparing the beta launch. The platform will be available to the public for transacting energy cross border and for paying their utility bill using BWT.

The testing period will have a duration of approximately 1 month during which users who offered to join us will get access to the platform features and convert BWT to kWh during the trading process.

Energy Trading Platform

Upon the release, users will be able to communicate their needs…

Dear Bittwatt community,

We are glad to announce that our team is taking the final steps towards reaching the next milestone on our roadmap. Followed by the implementation of our final smart contract protocol from June, we have managed to close the 5 month gap by speeding up the implementation process for the energy trading platform along with the iOS mobile app version for billing. The official launch of the energy trading platform will take place on 15th September and the iOS mobile version for billing will be available on the app store.

Golf Resorts & Villas — BlackSeaRama, Bulgaria

We are genuinely excited as all is set for the upcoming golf tournament, BittWatt Trophy.

Remember we told you in our previous articles about the two locations we are activating to enable several customers from those areas to have the opportunity to pay electricity bill with BWT?

Well, the timing could not have been better than now. We are hosting our golf tournament in the most prestigious Golf Resorts & Villas — BlackSeaRama, Bulgaria. The event marks the opening for Bittwatt in Bulgaria, which will enable Energy Market JSC customers to use BWT as payment method for their electricity bill.

Golf Tournament


Blockchain platform and app for utility payments, virtual POS and markets.

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